Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a Little .45 toy cap gun made by the American Miniature Gun and Cartridge Co. of Hollywood, California in the 1950’s.  Designated as U20 in Bob Urso’s book The Tiniest Guns, Third Edition, the following description from his book is used with his permission:

“Manufactured by the American Miniature Gun Mfg. Co. of Hollywood, California, and marketed as the Frontier “45”.  On much of it’s literature it was also referred to as the “Little 45”.  A difficult to classify miniature, although modeled after the Colt Frontier Single Action revolver, it is not a true miniature of that gun.  The Frontier “45” is a six shot, single action, revolver with a hand rotated barrel (cylinder).  At 3 1/2″ OAL, this little beauty is much nicer than a toy, but not quite a true miniature.  Manufactured in the 1950’s it has more detail, and is more functional than the best of the toy miniatures.  It’s cylinder rotates.  It has full and half cock.  It has a flip down side loading gate, and fires brass, percussion cap-like ammunition.  Expended shells are ejected with a functioning spring loaded ejector, just like on the real thing.  It is unusual in that the complete trigger guard acts as its trigger and is pulled back to fire.  This part is delicate and many of these guns are found with the tab that holds the trigger assembly in place broken.  The clean finish on these guns suggest that they are sturdy little pieces.  They were however, cast in a pot metal.  It is the care that was taken in finishing these guns that makes them look more substantial than they actually are.  …This is a popular gun with collectors and a relatively difficult gun to find.  Prices are considerably higher than for even the best of the toy miniatures such as Armodelli or Hubley guns.”

These sets sold for $27.50 back in the late 1950’s, which was a large sum to pay for a toy.  This example is serial number 3882.  The set is in absolutely mint condition and look to be unfired.  The trigger is not broken & still functional, as is the loading gate, both pieces that are often broken or missing.  The nickel finish retains about 99+% original nickle plating.  The two piece pearl grips with a single screw entering from the left side are excellent with no cracks or chips.  Included is the original plastic cartridge looking cap container.  The case made of brass colored plastic and headstamped in raised letters “LITTLE .45”.  As is typical of these, there are a couple small hairline crack near the case mouth.  The top is projectile shaped gray lead colored plastic.  Inside are a large quantity of original caps, and the original wadding.  The original case is walnut, has a slide latch, and a rectangular plaque mounted to the case top by two small brass nails.  The plaque is stamped JOHN KNECHT.  The case is in excellent condition with the plaque and hinges showing some very minor tarnish.  The interior bottom of the case French fit and lined in a dark burgundy velour.  You would be hard pressed to find a finer example!  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!