Project Description

This is a 1/2 scale World War II German SS dagger complete with chained hanger, portapee, and tool. 7 1/4″ long overall in the scabbard. The dagger itself measures 6 11/16″ long with a 4 3/16″ double edged carbon steel blade. Etched blade. I can tie the portapee for you, just be sure to remind me! Very high quality. Price: $150.00.

German-SS-chained-dagger-2 German-SS-chained-dagger-14 German-SS-chained-dagger-13 German-SS-chained-dagger-12 German-SS-chained-dagger-11 German-SS-chained-dagger-10 German-SS-chained-dagger-9 German-SS-chained-dagger-8 German-SS-chained-dagger-7 German-SS-chained-dagger-6 German-SS-chained-dagger-5 German-SS-chained-dagger-4 German-SS-chained-dagger-3