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!!!!! OK, I now have the replacement grip screw installed, just have to take a new photo and get it uploaded, oh, and it's perfect !!!!!

This is a 1/2 scale P-08 Army Luger made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia about 1993. 4 1/4" long overall with a 1 15/16" rifled barrel of 4.5mm bore. Blued machined steel.  Checkered walnut grips with a single retaining screw at the bottom of each. Serial # 45 stamped into the left front of the frame. 1912 is stamped into the top front of the frame over the chamber area of the barrel. The Erfurt with crown logo stamped into the top of the toggle. Fixed rear sight.  The rear of the frame above the safety marked GESICHERT.  The takedown lever, magazine release, the sides of the rear sight, and the sides of the toggles are checkered.  The back of the front sight, the tops of the toggles, and the top of the safety are serrated.  The body of the magazine is blue steel.  The magazine bottom is black anodised aluminum.  Fully functional, this miniature will feed, chamber, extract, and eject the included 3 solid steel dummy cartridges. Functional safety. Mint condition. Includes a 1/2 scale miniature Luger manual, (not shown, you can see it on the accessories page).

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Stock # FF-1, Price:  $2,000.00


This is a 1/3 scale Colt "Texas" number 5 Paterson revolver made by the famous Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, Mexico, from the mid 1940's through the 1950's.  3 13/16" long overall with a 2 1/4" octagon barrel of .122 caliber.  Beautifully blued finish except for the hammer which is case colored.  One piece bone grips with a gorgeous color and grain.  This piece is 100% fully functional.  The trigger drops as the hammer is cocked, it indexes to the next chamber as the hammer is cocked, and the timing is perfect!  Cased in the original Weston mahogany hinged top casing with front clasp closure, and accessories.  The accessories include a functional mahogany handled 3 legged bullet mold that cast 1 round ball, a functional combination tool which serves as a screwdriver, loading rammer, nipple wrench, and nipple pick, and a mahogany handled brass cleaning rod.  There is a dummy capper made of yellow brass.  It has the general outlines of a Paterson capper, but is solid brass.  There is also a dummy powder/ball flask.  The body looks to be machined from one piece of solid brass, then it has the 5 spouts.  Again, it is not functional.  The casing is flush fit, and lined in a deep burgundy velvet.  There is some damage to the rear on the lower half of the casing, but the hinges are still intact and operable, & I have most of the pieces.  Not real noticeable when displayed, and may be easily repairable.  This is only the third one of these I have ever seen or heard of.

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  Price:  $2,500.00



These are accessories made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia for their 1/2 scale miniature DWM and Loewe Borchardt semi-automatic pistols.  I have several of each.


Magazine  $150.00

Walnut action hold open with oiler.  2 double ended punches, and 2 double ended screwdriver blades are hiden inside  $150.00

Cleaning rod, which the walnut handle is also used for the punches and screwdriver blades in the hold open  $75.00


This is a 1/2 scale Civil War Confederate States of America Kepi cap made by a famous Hollywood costume designer whose name I can not remember.  Beautifully made with great attention to detail as to materials and stitching.  Look at the photos.  The Kepi is gray wool and has a brown leather interior headband with black silk lining.  The brim is black leather on the top and a dark green leather on the bottom.  Complete with the black leather chin strap with brass buttons.  Beautiful craftsmanship, likely never to be repeated!  Looks like it's been purposefully distressed to look old as you can see some fading of the gray wool.  These make great accessories for your Uberti or USHS percussion Colt revolvers!

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 Price:  $100.00


This is a 1/2 scale World War I and World War II 1903 Springfield bolt action rifle bayonet with scabbard made by Jerry Missimer of Pennsylvania.  The bayonet is  8 3/16" long overall with a 6 3/8" blue steel blade.  Blued steel crossguard and pommel.  The two piece handles are straight grained walnut and held in place by a screw entering from the right side into a flush rivet, finished in the white, on the other side.  The release button is finely checkered.  This blade is not marked by Jerry, though they typically are.  The scabbard is made of fiberglass just like the originals, and is painted olive drab green.  These were made by Jerry to specifically fit the 1/2 scale 1903 A3 and 1903 M Springfield rifles made by Miniart in Russia.  Only 2 available.

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 Price:  $350.00


This is a 1/2 or 2/5 scale miniature powder horn by an unknown maker.  3 7/16" long, 1 3/16" in diameter on the long side of the oval big end.  Made of real cow horn with a walnut base which is held in place by yellow brass tacks or rivets.  There is a leather loop thong carrying strap wrapped around the knob on the base which is split on the other end where it goes over the spout.  The horn is beautifully carved in a U.S. revolutionary war motif with a map, a staggered banner marked "LIBERTY OR DEATH", another marking "J. GOODSON, 1781", and around the base marked "CONTINENTAL ARMY BP PENN".  Beautiful workmanship, and would be a great accessory for your period type miniature flintlock rifle.  The horn is missing the stopper, which should be easily replaced, and the spout is split out and missing an small area of about 40% right at the mouth, which is mostly covered by the leather strap.

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 Price:  $350.00