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One of the finest miniature folding knives known in the world!  Made by Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield, England, about 1820 - 1850, possibly for the 1851 Crystal Palace Exhibition in London.  This is an extrodinary exhibitition knife, that would have been made by Joseph Rodgers most senior master cutler, and he may have spent well more than a year on the project.  It features 40 blades, 18 karat gold bolsters & liners, 7 of the blades are marked Rodgers, including the gold plated knife and gold plated fork fruit blades.  Other blades include a hack saw, a wood saw, 3 corkscrews of different sizes, several phleeners or blood letting blades, a button hook., a sewing awl, and several lances for lancing boils.  The two back covers also double as toods for cleaning horse hooves.   Measures .956" when closed.  In addition, there is a flat blade screwdriver on the bolster end in the middle of the frame that is usable when all the blades are closed.  The scales or handles are Manilla gold lipped mother of pearl, a pearl shell that is now extint, or nearly so.  The pearl scales are beautifully carved, and are in perfect mint condition with no chips, a true rarity as these are nearly always chipped or cracked.  The overall knife is in beautiful outstanding condition considering it's age, and has obviously been well regarded and lovingly taken care of.  Look at all the photos, it is worth your time I promise!  I am open to serious five figure offers.

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This is in my opinion a period miniature wheellock pistol from the late 1500's to early 1600's.  I showed it to noted firearms expert Michael Zomber at the Tulsa Gun Show this past November.  His comment was "It has the look of great age and could be period".  No maker markings visible.  4" long overall with a 2 3/8" barrel of .152 caliber.  The barrel is bored through to the touch hole.  Steel lock assembly, barrel, triggerguard, trigger, and screws, with copper furniture.  Very unusual burl walnut one piece stock.  I have never seen another wood stocked miniature wheellock pistol.  All the ones I have ever seen were either metal or ivory stocked.  The hammer is nicely engraved.  The hammer spring with some nice filework.  Ebony ramrod with copper tip.  As is normal for many true antique miniatures that were meant to shoot, the trigger on this miniature extends through the triggerguard so it would be easy to shoot.  There is a loop on the left side for a necklace attachment.  Miniature wheellock pistol were often worn by high ranking women or men as jewelry.  The square shaft where you would use a key to wind the mechanism is somewhat rounded off.  The key is included and fits both the winder shaft and the top jaw of the hammer.  The steel parts are a smooth gray/brown patina with very little if any visible pitting.  The stock is dark, and shows some very minor repairs, especially around the forward barrel pin.  I have removed the lock, and the lock spring cover, and they look very old if not period to me.  Period miniature wheellocks are the ultimate in rarity, desirability, and collectability!

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Price:  $7,500.00


This is a matched pair of the smallest antique miniature screw barrel drop trigger muff pistols that I have ever seen.  Measuring only a diminutive 1.45" long overall, the barrels measure .411" long and have a bore diameter  of only .063 caliber.  These have the square bore at the muzzle so they can be unscrewed with a proper square wrench and also so they can be used to wind the old antique key wind pocket watches.  Both are gold plated, un-engraved, and have one piece bone grips.  Both have a hanging ring on the rear tang behind the hammer.  Both have fluted barrels.  Both are mechanically perfect, and I would rate the pair at 95% original condition, both showing only minor wear to the gold plating at the sharp edges.  Includes a period walnut casing with sterling silver eagle flask.  The case with silver hinges and clasp.  I have seen one other of these that might have been this small, and he wanted what I want for the pair for his single.  Maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to get such a small pair in such pristine condition!

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Price:  $3,500.00


!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!

This is an antique 1/4 scale miniature British 1856 Enfield miner's and sapper's carbine by an unknown maker. 6 1/4" long overall with a 3 1/2" barrel. Blued finish steel parts.   These were used by the South during the War of Northern Aggression.  Brass butt toe and heal plates and brass triggerguard. Oil finished walnut stock. Captured swivel ramrod.  Fully functional with half and full cock.  Probably made in England, and possibly antique.  Cased in a nice non-original oak hinged top casing with olive velour lining, French fit. There is a recess for a powder flask, but sadly it has been misplaced somewhere over the years.  This exact piece pictured on mage 275 of the book "The Art of Miniature Firearms, Centuries of Craftsmanship".

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  !!!!!Price reduced:  $1,850.00!!!!!


This is a wonderful true antique 19th century miniature percussion muff pistol.  1 15/16" long overall with a 13/16" barrel with a square bore.  These not only will shoot, but were commonly used as pocket watch keys.  Nickel plated finish, modestly engraved, with great bone grips.  Has both half cock and full cock on the hammer.  Presentation cased in a nice dark brown gutta percha case which may be a reproduction.  The interior bottom of a dark blue velvet, the interior lid of burgundy velvet.  The trigger has a loop where it could be attached to a watch chain.  Excellent condition.  The bottom tang with a bit of corrosion, otherwise excellent condition. 

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Price: $950.00


This is an antique miniature percussion single shot pistol, probably made in Belgium in the 1850's to 1870's.  Typical screw off barrel and hidden folding trigger.  1.665" long overall with a .452" barrel.  The bore diameter is about .088 caliber.  Nicely aged bone grips are a little fatter than usual and show a beautiful aged patina.  The frame, trigger, and the top tang are nicely scroll engraved.  The barrel is fluted    Superb condition with the metal showing about 85% original fire blue finish.  I've never seen another blue one anywhere close to this nice

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Price:  $1,750.00


A true antique percussion muff pistol from the 1850's or 1860's.  Probably made in Belguim.  1 23/32" long overall with a 21/32" non-fluted barrel.  Dissappearing folding trigger that automatically drops down when the hammer is cocked.  Screw off barrel, bone grip, nice original engraving.  Nice condition with smooth metal showing a silver/gray patina.  The hanging ring is missing and would have been where the hole is on the upper rear tang.  The barrel is stuck & I can not get it to unscrew, and I'm not going to risk damaging it.  The grips have a tiny chip missing on the left side where it goes into the frame and age cracks by the upper and lower tangs.  The grips are scrimshawed on each side.  The right side marked XV Juil +, the left side marked with what looks like a combined HP 1 where the loop of the P is on the upper right leg of the H.  The action works very well with a strong hammer spring.
Price:  $1,500.00 


This is an antique 1/4 scale British Tower flintlock pistol by an unknown maker.  3 3/4" long overall with a 2 1/8" smoothbore barrel of .19 caliber.  The lock is finished in the white and is marked with a crown over GR just ahead of the hammer.  The barrel is browned.  Brass furniture.  Ebony tipped walnut ramrod.  Walnut stock.  Fully functional, the barrel is bored through to the touch hole and the lock has both half and full cock.  Extremely well made with good scale and proportions.  Cased in a simulated tortoise shell rounded top cardboard jeweler's casing with hinged top and push button latch.  The interior bottom French fit and lined in a medium brown suede.  The interior lid lined in an ivory colored silk, and marked "Weingarten's Ltd, 157, Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2."  The case measures 5 11/16" X 1 7/8" X 7/8" The pistol is in great condition, I'd call it 95%, with just age, and very minor handling marks.  The case does show some wear to the top, sharp edges, and especially to the bottom corners, but is structurally in good shape and still looks good, just looks old!

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Price:  $3,150.00


This is a pair of antique screw off barrel, folding trigger, percussion muff pistols, probably made in Belgium in the 1850's.  Each pistol measures 1 11/16" long overall with a .558" long barrel.  This is the first and only set I have ever seen with wood grips.  Most of these have either ivory or gold metal engraved grips.  The grips are flat sided, not rounded as is usually seen.  The backstraps of both are marked R NART N, which I'm guessing is the maker.  The barrels have a round bore with four grooves cut into the muzzle 90 degrees apart so at to engage the barrel key on the supplied combination bullet mold/tool.  The outside of the barrels are plain.  The frames are engraved and look to be silver plated.  The tool is a bullet mold, barrel wrench, and nipple wrench, and looks to be silver plated.  The powder flask looks to be cast silver.  It measures 3/4" in diameter and 1/4" thick, and has a cast silver top attached by a very fine chain.  The case has a hinged top and is lined in a dark brown velvet.  The hinges and clasp are very finely made and look to be silver.  This exact cased set was pictured on the cover of the Fall 1975 Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, and offered for sale on the inside front cover for $2,750.00.  The catalog cover photo shows there to be a small screwdriver in the set which has since, unfortunately, has been lost.  One of the pistols seems to have a broken mainspring, the other functions perfectly.

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Price:  $3,250.00


This is a nice 1/2 scale percussion single shot pistol cased set by John Maycock of England.  Unusual in that it is cased with an extra longer barrel.

Price:  $3,150.00


This is not a true miniature, but is rather a small full sized antique pocket or muff pistol made by reknown miniature maker John Maycock of England.  Scroll engraved brass frame.  Engraved brass grip showing flags, shields, and drums.  Center hammer percussion action with fixed (as in non-folding) trigger.  Fire blued fluted screw off barrel measures 15/16" long and is about .22 caliber.  Overall length is 3 3/8".  Engraved charcoal blue hammer with scales and eyes looks like a fish.  Nicely cased in a walnut casing with an engraved push button latch and olive felt lining.  Accessories include a ivory cap box, an ebony and brass powder flask,  and an ivory handled steel bullet mold with sprue cutter. Additional photos available upon request.

Price: $1,500.00