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This is a double cased set of  Remington Elliot single shot "Mississippi" derringers by master miniature maker Larry Smith.  Each miniature is 1 9/16" long overall with a 7/8" long barrel.  Beautiful high polish bright charcoal blue finish, two piece ivory grips.  The grips with nickel silver escutcheons, and a single screw entering from the left side.  Each miniature has the engraved one line Remington barrel address, the maker's name engraved into the bottom of the gripstrap, and the serial numbers, which are "151 & 152" stamped into the bottom of the barrel, frame, and case.  Complete with the original Larry Smith walnut push button latch, hinged top casing with a brass handled bright steel cleaning/ejector rod.  Both miniatures fire the 2mm pinfire cartridge, and 10 blank rounds are included in the wood cartridge block. The case interior is English fit, and lined in an olive green velour.   The bottom of the case marked "-L.H.-, Smith, 151 & 152", in three lines.  The LH & Smith are weakly stamped, but visible, the serial numbers are well stamped.  Near mint condition.  The miniatures are mint, the case showing some minor scratches and dings.

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Price:  $1,350.00 


This is an antique 2mm pinfire double action six shot revolver, probably made in Germany or Belgium in the 1870's. This is a fully functional and shooting miniature revolver and shoots the antique long 2mm pinfire cartridges. 1 3/4" long overall with a 11/16" barrel. No engraving, nickel plated finish except for the hammer & trigger which look to have originally been fire blued.  There is a right side loading gate that hinges backward to load the cylinder.  Ring loop trigger with a very small spur of the bottom front.  Nice condition with 90% original nickel plated finish finish with some minor flaking of the nickel.  Some of the flaked spots showing some minor surface rust and pitting.  Will probably clean to look better. Beautiful near mint two piece mother of pearl grips with nickel escutcheons and a single screw entering from the left side.  The lanyard loop ring and chain are replacements. The revolver works perfectly in both single and double action with a really crisp and strong action.  First one of these I've had in a while.

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 Price:  $1,375.00


This is a pair of Berloque 2mm pinfire "Little Atom" cufflinks, made in Japan.  These have impressed simulated checkering on both sides of the grips.  Marked Japan on the left sides.  The barrels vent out the bottom of the barrel.  These are referred to as J3d, Little Atom with loops, in Bob Urso's book "The Tiniest Guns".    1.75" long overall with a .5786" barrel.  These show very minor evidence of having been fired, but are still in near mint condition.

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Price:  $150.00 




This is a 47% scale Colt 12" barreled "Buntline" revolver as issued by America Remembers.  These were made by Uberti in Italy under license from Colt.  Fully functional, but non-firing.  This is the "Presidential Edition" and is beautifully factory engraved.  8 1/4" long overall with a 5 5/8" long rifled barrel of .21 caliber.  Blue finish with the exception of the frame, loading gate, & hammer which are case colored.  The top of the barrel is roll stamped with the one line Colt italics barrel address.  The left front of the frame marked with the patent dates in two lines.  The caliber marking ".45 CAL" stamped into the left side of the triggerguard.  The engraving is well executed with about 50% coverage.  Beautiful one piece ivory grips starting to show just a little age patina.  The serial number "1970" stamped into the bottom of the frame and triggerguard.  970 stamped into the bottom of the backstrap.  70 stamped into the loading gate.  The top of the frame has the long range stand up adjustable sight.  Complete with a nice walnut hinged top key lock contempory type casing. The top laser engraved "Ned Buntline, COLT" in two lines.  The interior is English fit with a purple velour lining.  The casing includes the Colt instructions interior lid label, 25 dummy cartridges with brass cases, aluminum bullets, and "W-W .45 COLT" headstamps.  Also included is a brass three piece oiler and the case key.  Not many of these America Remembers Buntlines were made or sold and they are rarely available. 

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Price:  $1,150.00



This is a 1/2 scale M-1 Thompson by the legendary Edmund de la Garrigue.  16" long overall with a 5 1/4" rifled barrel of .25 caliber.  Parkerized finished steel parts, oiled finished walnut stocks.  This is a non-firing model.  Some of these were registered class III fully automatic firing weapons.  There is a firing pin bump on the bolt face, but there is no chamber cut, no extractor, and no ejector.  The magazine is a solid block of steel with a more correct thin profile, and the magazine release spring is there, which is unusual as it is nearly always missing on these.  The sides of the receiver properly and deeply roll stamped.  Marked on the left side of the upper receiver ""EDMUND H. DE LA GARRIGUE, SR., MAKER" in two lines.  Serial number 103.   Excellent near mint condition showing only very minor handling wear and a few small freckles to the finish.  There are a lot of stories about Mr. de la Garrigue, but he is most famously known as the inventor of the Grizzly single action army revolver.  There is an out of print book about Mr. de la Garrigue called "Artistry in Single Action" by Halton Henderson.  Only 450 copies were printed, so they are very rare, expensive, and difficult to find.  The book documents these miniature Thompsons as well as several other miniatures made by Mr. de la Garrigue.

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DP-1, Price:  $1,500.00


This is a 1/2 scale Remington Vest Pocket derringer by master miniature maker Daniel Osterman.  2 1/16" long overall with a 1 9/16" rifled barrel of .11 caliber.  The sides of the frame have cast in engraving.  The finish is nickel plated except for the checkered hammer, and trigger, which are blued with the sides polished in the white.  Brass pin type front sight.  Beautiful two piece ivory grips with nickel plated escutcheons, and the screw entering from the left side.  The bottom of the grip stamped with Daniel's "D.E.O. +" maker's mark.  Complete with the original Osterman green lift top cardboard box.  The lid interior with the Osterman label.  Mint condition with a near mint box.  First one of these that I've had in a good while!

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Price:  $600.00 


This is a collection of 12 solid cast pewter miniature firearms in about 1/10 or 1/12 scale, probably for doll houses.  Some are a little crude and show some casting flash, others are nicely detailed.  This collection includes a 73 Winchester rifle, a Sharps rifle, Colt SAA, Colt Walker, Colt 51 Navy, Colt 49 Pocket, Colt 60 Army, Colt Lightning, Colt Police Positive, Harpers Ferry flintlock pistol, Remington Rolling block single shot pistol, and a Remington over under derringer.  I regularly see these for sale on Ebay for $8.00 - $20.00 each.

Price:  $35.00



This is a 1/2 scale Browning Hi-Power pistol with the standard fixed rear sight made by Miniart in Russia.  4 1/8" long with a 1 13/16" barrel of .174 caliber.  Blue finish, two piece checkered walnut grips.  The left side of the slide with the proper Browning markings.  The serial number, 031, stamped into the barrel, slide, and frame on the right side.  100% fully functional and complete with three rounds of solid steel dummy ammunition which will feed, chamber, extract, and eject when the action is cycled manually.  Complete with a nice glass topped walnut case.  The interior French fit and lined in a dark red velour.  The glass lid (not shown) slides in and out from the right side.  Mint condition.

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Stock # LC-11, Price:  $1,800.00



This is a 1/2 scale Winchester Model 1866 saddle ring Carbine by the renown Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, Mexico.  Probably made in the 1950's or 1960's.  100% fully functional and chambered to shoot the .22 short rim fire cartridge.  20 3/4" long overall with a 10" .22 caliber rifled barrel.  Brass frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, crescent buttplate, and buttplate trapdoor.  The balance of the metal parts are machined blued steel.  The buttstock and forearm are elephant ivory, the left side of the buttstock expertly high relief carved with the typical Mexican spread winged eagle with a snake grasp in it's beak and right claw, with the eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus.  Checkered hammer spur, standard carbine flip rear sight, saddle ring mounted to the left rear of the frame.  The top of the barrel hand engraved with the proper Winchester barrel address.  The frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, and buttplate are very nicely scroll engraved with about 80% coverage.  Complete with an original Weston deluxe walnut case with very heavy beveled glass.  The interior has never been French fitted, and has a loose piece of red felt covering the bottom.  There is even a neat functional three piece cleaning rod in the trap in the buttstock.  The serial number, 54, is stamped into the bottom of the frame just behind the trigger.  The Weston markings are deeply stamped into the lower tang just behind the lever latch.  Wonderful condition other than the case interior needs to be completed.  The rifle is near mint, the brass parts having a very pleasing and mellow dark patina that can only come with age.  The ivory showing a pleasing aged patina with a couple of minor cracks that do not affect the structural integrity or the overall pleasing look.

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Stock # TC-1, Price:  !!!!!SALE!!!!!  $6,975.00



This is a 47% scale miniature Colt 1847 Walker revolver made by Uberti in Italy.  Fully functional, but non-firing.  7 7/16" long overall with a 4 3/16" part octagon part round rifled barrel of .21 caliber.  Blue and case colored finish, brass triggerguard, oil finished rosewood grips.  The cylinder is properly roll stamped with the Texas Ranger and Indian fight scene. The top flat of the barrel laser engraved with the proper Colt barrel address reading from left to right when the miniature is held in the left hand.  The left barrel lug stamped US, 1947 just above the wedge screw. Checkered hammer spur.  The barrel, frame, triggerguard, and backstrap are serial numbered 170.  In addition, the barrel, cylinder, and frame are laser engraved with the Texas Ranger's markings "B COMPANY No 2".  Complete with a crate type casing with lift off lid, the interior partially lined in green felt.  Accessories include a brass powder flask, a brass bullet mold with blued steel sprue cutter, a proper blue nipple wrench/screwdriver/mainspring vise, and a sterling silver miniature Texas Ranger badge.  Mint as new condition.

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Stock # LC-10, Price:  !!!!!SALE!!!!!  $750.00