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I just picked this up at the Louisville Gun Show.  Photo is from a previous sale, but looks exactly the same.

This is a 1/3 scale 1874 Gatling gun on a field carriage with the 240 round Broadwell drum magazine by the renown Karl Furr in Orem, Utah.   This piece is a true work of art and would be the centerpiece of any collection, miniature or otherwise. Chambered in .22 short rimfire, this miniature will shoot up to 800 rounds per minute. As such, it must be shipped to a FFL dealer. The beautiful polished brass is starting to get a pleasing patina. The barrels are finished in the white. The wood is black walnut. 18" diameter wheels. The barrel group 20 3/16" long, 10 .22 caliber rifled barrels 12 5/8" long.   These are among the most popular miniatures ever made. This is not classed as a class III machine gun. If you can own a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, you can legally own this masterpiece in most states!  There is some very minor freckling on the barrels, otherwise near mint condition.  Serial # 175.  Includes an original Furr color brochure.  More photos when I get home, if it last that long.

Price:  $12,500.00


The above photo is from a previous sale.  This piece has a much darker patina.

This is a 1/3 scale  Model 1883 Gatling gun on a brass field carriage made by the renown Karl Furr of Orem, Utah.  Chambered in .22 short rimfire, this actually shoots and will fire up to 800 rounds per minute.  Must be sent to an FFL dealer.  64 round Accles drum magazine.  18" diameter wheels with beautiful highly figured black walnut spokes, brass hubs, and brass tires.  This is a very early Furr 1883 Gatling, serial # 45, and is signed on the bottom in engraving pencil "Made by, Karl J. Furr, No 9, Paul J. Kuni, Orem, Ut. 1969" in five lines.  The barrel group measures 18 1/2" long not counting the tiller handle.  10 .22 caliber rifled barrels enclosed in a brass casing.  The rear of the barrel group has two spirit levels for leveling the gun.  This is not classed as a class III machine gun. If you can own a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, you can legally own this masterpiece in most states!  The brass looks to have never been polished, and has a very heavy and dark patina finish with places of green oxidation showing.  It was stored in a garage in upper New York, untouched,  for over 25 years.  It looks like what you would think an untouched original would look like.  I am sure it would polish up to look like new if that's what you wanted to do, but I really like the looks of it!

Price:  $10,500.00



This is a a beautiful 1/3 scale Gatling Gun Model of 1893 police or bulldog chambered for the .22 short rim fire cartridge.  Complete with the Accles 64 round drum magazine.  This Gatling was made by the renown Karl Furr in Utah in the 1970's.  This Gatling stands 19 1/4" tall with the magazine in place.  The Barrel group is 10 13/16" long not counting the crank handle or bolt access plug.  Made from beautifully polished yellow brass with six rifled steel barrels and steel internal working parts.  Solid brass tripod mount is adjustable for both elevation and traverse.  Serial # XX.  Fully functional and shoot-able.  Unlike most Gatling guns, the police or bulldog model had the crank handle on the rear instead of on the left side.  Condition is near mint.  Seldom seen or offered for sale.  The Furr Gatlings are far and away the best on the market and are the Rolls Royce of miniature Gatling guns.  The photo above is a stock photo and not a photo of the actual item.  Photos of the actual item will be posted soon.




This is a rare and a wonderful 1/2 scale 1876 Gatling carriage gun made by Douglas Furr, son of Karl Furr, in Orem, Utah.   It is one of only 14 ever made, and is serial number 8.  The 10 blued barrels are hexagon on the muzzle ends, 14 3/4" long, and chambered in .22 long rifle.  The magazine is a  240 round Broadwell drum.  The 22" diameter wheels have brass hubs and rims with blue hardware.  All wood carriage and wheel parts made of beautiful American black walnut.  Most of the balance of the gun is made from yellow brass, and most of the hardware is blued steel.  The gun is in good condition.  There are some marks on some of the barrels, probably form inadequate packing during shipping, other than that, the gun shows only normal aged patina of the brass.  Fully functional and shooting, the rate of fire on one of these is supposed to be 800 rounds per minute.  I can tell you from experience that with a little practice, the 240 round magazine can be emptied in about 23 seconds.  These guns work like a fine Swiss watch!  Must be delivered to a FFL dealer.