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Military Rifles


This is a 1/4 scale matchlock pistol combination battle axe by an unknown maker.  I thought it was an unmarked Ron DeWalt, but Ron tells me he didn't make it.    Maybe an Agnoletto?, but it doesn't have his normal markings either.  7 1/16" long overall with a 3 1/8" barrel with about a .12 caliber bore.  All steel construction and finished in the white.  Fully functional and will probably shoot.  Excellent workmanship! 

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Price Reduced:  $400.00


A great 1/2 scale 1903-A3 Springfield bolt action rifle. Fully functional and includes dummy ammunition. Blued steel parts, walnut stock. This is the version with the milled floorplate and is serial # 01. Additional photos available upon request.

Price:  $1,000.00


!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!

This is an antique 1/4 scale miniature British 1856 Enfield miner's and sapper's carbine by an unknown maker. 6 1/4" long overall with a 3 1/2" barrel. Blued finish steel parts.   These were used by the South during the War of Northern Aggression.  Brass butt toe and heal plates and brass triggerguard. Oil finished walnut stock. Captured swivel ramrod.  Fully functional with half and full cock.  Probably made in England, and possibly antique.  Cased in a nice non-original oak hinged top casing with olive velour lining, French fit. There is a recess for a powder flask, but sadly it has been misplaced somewhere over the years.  This exact piece pictured on mage 275 of the book "The Art of Miniature Firearms, Centuries of Craftsmanship".

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!!!!!Price reduced:  $1,750.00!!!!!


A great 1/3 scale Russian Mosin Nagant carbine made by Miniart in Russia. 13 3/16" long overall with a 7" barrel of .010 caliber.  Nice straight grain walnut stock with matching handguard.  The bolt and sling escutcheons are finished bright.  The balance of the steel parts handsomely polished and blued.  Flip up ladder type rear sight.  Functional drop floorplate.  Fully functional and beautifully made. This is one of only six of these made by Miniart and this one is serial number 6.  Additional photos available upon request.

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Price: $1,500.00


This is a great 1/6 scale flintlock grenade launcher by master miniature maker Stanley Blashak of Pennsylvania.  4 15/16" long overall with a 2" brass barrel.  Nicely engraved brass barrel, buttplate, and triggerguard.  Steel lock, hammer, frizzen, pan, trigger, barrel tang, and sling swivel.  Walnut stock.  Fully functional with a nice crisp lock.  Cased in a hinged top walnut casing with flip latch.  The interior French fit and lined with red velour.  Accessories include a great brass powder flask and three dummy grenades with brass fuses. 


Three different Russian Mosin Nagant bolt action rifles complete with bayonets and dummy cartridges. Fully functional of course. Blued steel, walnut stocks. I will have to do some research and find out exactly what models these are. Great workmanship! 

The rifle pictured in the middle is !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

The rifle pictured on the bottom with the hooded sight is !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

Bottom rifle with bayonet is still available.  Price: $1,750.00


This is a neat 1/2 scale World War II 60mm German Panzerfaust made by master miniature maker Vic Williams.  The Panzerfaust is a one shot portable grenade launcher used primarily for taking out tanks.  27 9/16" long overall.  The grenade part of this is turned from a solid aluminum billet.  The grenade body measures 6 1/2" long and the largest diameter is about 2 7/8" and has a Nazi dirty bird on the forward end.  There is a shaft with fold-able fins inside the tube that deploy when the Panzerfaust is fired.  The tube body is 29/32" in diameter and 16 1/8" long.  Finish is OD green paint with stencilled red paint markings.  There is a decal on the grenade with firing instructions.  The sight has graduated markings for distance.  This piece is mechanically functional but of course there is no propellant or explosive charge.  You can pull the split ring which will remove the cotter pin.  You can then configure the sight to the desired distance, and pull the grenade out to see the propellant body and fins.  Complete with the tan canvas carry bag with German markings.  Vic made four of these and this is number three.  Really well done!
Price:  $1,250.00