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Single Shot Pistols 2



This is a 1/3 scale cased pair of bone stocked Dutch Maastrich pistols by the late Stanley Blashak of Pennsylvania.  Each pistol measures 8" long overall with 4 7/8" long part round part octagon smoothbore barrel of .19 caliber. Beautiful and ornately hand carved bone one piece stocks, the butt of which depict the helmeted head of a warrior.  The barrels and lock assemblies are steel finished in the white, and modestly but expertly engraved.  Tghe locks feature both half and full cock.  The furniture is silver, again modestly but expertly engraved, and shows just enough tarnish that you know that it is in fact silver.  Ivory ramrods.  Cased together in a great walnut hinged top casing with rotating slide latch.  The interior French fit and lined in black velour, which makes for a marvelous contrast!  The lone accessory included is an ivory powder flask with ivory violin peg stopper and silver mountings.  A gorgeous set by a well respected maker.  This piece was made when Stanley was in his prime, and the workmanship is just outstanding.  Very seldom offered for sale.

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Price reduced:  !!!!!SALE!!!!!  $6,500.00


This is a 1/2 scale Hopkins & Allen "Parrot Head" derringer made by master miniature maker Larry Smith of Florida.  1 13/16" long overall with a 15/16" tip up barrel of .116 caliber.  Fire blue finish except for the trigger which looks to be case hardened.  Beautiful two piece mother of pearl grips with yellow brass escutcheons and the screw entering from the left side.  The serial number "1" stamped into the left rear of the barrel and the left front of the frame.  No other markings.  Complete with the original unmarked Larry Smith hinged top walnut casing with cloth hinge and brass push button latch release.  The interior French fit in a bright red velour.  Accessories include 5 rounds of the original Larry Smith custom made externally primed blank center fire ammunition to fit this piece in the original Larry Smith miniature cartridge box with slide out tray.  As far as I can tell, these rounds are unique to this miniature.  I talked with Larry about this piece, and he told me it is very probably the very first "Parrot Head" he made.

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Price reduced:  $1,350.00


This is a tiny pair of 1/4 scale Remington Vest Pocket derringers by an unknown maker.  1.15" long overall with .890 barrels of .055 caliber.  They are made of steel, finished in the white.  Both are engraved, and have two piece mother of pearl grips.  One is functional, the hammer will cock and fire when the trigger is pulled.  The other, the hammer will not catch when cocked, but the hammer and trigger springs are both good.  The pair is cased in a really neat hand carved ivory hinged top oval box with push button latch.  The ivory has turned a yellow/tan patina with age, and shows some really nice grain, especially on the ends.  The interior of the box is French fit, and lined in a dark red velour.  The interior lid with a Remington Arms Company paper label.

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Price reduced:  $750.00


This is a pair of antique screw off barrel, folding trigger, percussion muff pistols, probably made in Belgium in the 1850's.  Each pistol measures 1 11/16" long overall with a .558" long barrel.  This is the first and only set I have ever seen with wood grips.  Most of these have either ivory or gold metal engraved grips.  The grips are flat sided, not rounded as is usually seen.  The backstraps of both are marked R NART N, which I'm guessing is the maker.  The barrels have a round bore with four grooves cut into the muzzle 90 degrees apart so at to engage the barrel key on the supplied combination bullet mold/tool.  The outside of the barrels are plain.  The frames are engraved and look to be silver plated.  The tool is a bullet mold, barrel wrench, and nipple wrench, and looks to be silver plated.  The powder flask looks to be cast silver.  It measures 3/4" in diameter and 1/4" thick, and has a cast silver top attached by a very fine chain.  The case has a hinged top and is lined in a dark brown velvet.  The hinges and clasp are very finely made and look to be silver.  This exact cased set was pictured on the cover of the Fall 1975 Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, and offered for sale on the inside front cover for $2,750.00.  The catalog cover photo shows there to be a small screwdriver in the set which has since, unfortunately, has been lost.  One of the pistols seems to have a broken mainspring, the other functions perfectly.

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Price reduced:  $2,250.00


A true antique percussion muff pistol from the 1850's or 1860's.  Probably made in Belguim.  1 23/32" long overall with a 21/32" non-fluted barrel.  Dissappearing folding trigger that automatically drops down when the hammer is cocked.  Screw off barrel, bone grip, nice original engraving.  Nice condition with smooth metal showing a silver/gray patina.  The hanging ring is missing and would have been where the hole is on the upper rear tang.  The barrel is stuck & I can not get it to unscrew, and I'm not going to risk damaging it.  The grips have a tiny chip missing on the left side where it goes into the frame and age cracks by the upper and lower tangs.  The grips are scrimshawed on each side.  The right side marked XV Juil +, the left side marked with what looks like a combined HP 1 where the loop of the P is on the upper right leg of the H.  The action works very well with a strong hammer spring.
Price reduced:  $700.00 


This is a beautiful 1/3 scale brass barreled percussion Kentucky pistol by master miniature maker Ron DeWalt.  5 5/16" long overall with a 3 1/4" .17 caliber smoothbore barrel.  Silver plated steel lock, hammer, drum, & nipple.  German silver furniture with the exception of the inlay opposite the lock which I think is silver or silver plated.  Gorgeous tiger striped fiddle back maple stock.  The lockplate, front triggerguard finial, plate opposite the lock, and the barrel modestly engraved.  The top barrel flat marked with the maker's name.  Complete with the original glass topped walnut casing, French fit with a grey corduroy lining.

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Price reduced:  $1,250.00


This is an antique miniature percussion single shot pistol, probably made in Belgium in the 1850's to 1870's.  Typical screw off barrel and hidden folding trigger.  1.665" long overall with a .452" barrel.  The bore diameter is about .088 caliber.  Nicely aged bone grips are a little fatter than usual and show a beautiful aged patina.  The frame, trigger, and the top tang are nicely scroll engraved.  The barrel is fluted    Superb condition with the metal showing about 85% original fire blue finish.  I've never seen another blue one anywhere close to this nice

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Price reduced:  $950.00


This is a pretty Remington Elliot single shot "Mississippi" derringer by master miniature maker Larry Smith.  1 9/16" long overall with a 7/8" long barrel.  Beautiful high polish bright charcoal blue finish, two piece mother of pearl grips.  Hand engraved one line barrel address.  The maker's name engraved into the bottom of the gripstrap.  The number "130" stamped into the bottom of the barrel, frame, and case.  Complete with the original Larry Smith walnut push button latch, hinged top casing with a brass handled cleaning/ejector rod and 2 rounds of dummy ammunition.  The case interior English fit and lined in a medium blue velour.   The bottom of the case marked "-L.H.-, Smith, 130", in three lines.  Mint condition except for the 8 missing dummy cartridges.

Price:  $700.00


This is a tiny miniature cast bronze Chinese hand cannon made by Robert Hinze of Houston, Texas.  I don't know the scale, but it is 1 1/2" long overall with about a .20 caliber bore diameter.  The finish looks to be beadblasted, and there are several dark oxidation spots.  A miniature of the first gunne.  Stock photo, yours may look slightly different. 

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Price:  $35.00


!!!!!Note, New Information!!!!!

Not a Larry Smith miniature, but in a Larry Smith case

Turns out this is not a Larry Smith miniature Remington Elliot single shot derringer after all.  While discussing his Remington Elliott derringers with him a few days ago for an upcoming MAS Journal article, Larry told me he did not make this miniature.  It is in a Larry Smith case, so marked on the bottom.  I suspect a past owner may have accidentally or purposefully switched the cases.  This piece is marked under the right grip with the initials JD in a shield.  If you have any further information on this piece, I would love to hear from you.  If you own Larry Smith Remington Elliot derringer serial # 22, I'd like to talk to you too to see if we could possibly get this case situation resolved.  1 9/16" long overall with a 7/8" long barrel.  Nickel plated engraved frame, gold plated and engraved brass grips.  Gold plated hammer and trigger.  Hand engraved two line barrel address.  No serial number.  Complete with a non-original Larry Smith walnut push button latch, hinged top casing with a brass handled cleaning/ejector rod and 10 rounds of dummy ammunition.  The case interior lined in an olive green velour.   The bottom of the case marked "-L.H.-, Smith, RE-22", in three lines which is the maker's name, I don't know what the R stands for, the "E" is for engraved, and "22" is the serial number. 

Price reduced:  $700.00