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Single Shot Pistols 3


This is a neat 1/2 scale H. J. Hale underhammer percussion pistol by master miniature maker Ron DeWalt of Michigan.  3 13/16" long overall with a 2" barrel.  Brass frame with the balance of the metal parts blue steel except the nipple which is fire blued.  Walnut grips.  The top of the barrel tang marked H.J.HALE, BRISTOL, CONNECTICUT  in two lines.  Complete with the original DeWalt glass topped walnut casing, French fit with red felt lining.  Includes a small ivory container which contains four round lead balls and an ivory handled brass cleaning/extractor rod.

Price:  $600.00


!!!!!Note, New Information!!!!!

Not a Larry Smith miniature, but in a Larry Smith case

Turns out this is not a Larry Smith miniature Remington Elliot single shot derringer after all.  While discussing his Remington Elliott derringers with him a few days ago for an upcoming MAS Journal article, Larry told me he did not make this miniature.  It is in a Larry Smith case, so marked on the bottom.  I suspect a past owner may have accidentally or purposefully switched the cases.  This piece is marked under the right grip with the initials JD in a shield.  If you have any further information on this piece, I would love to hear from you.  If you own Larry Smith Remington Elliot derringer serial # 22, I'd like to talk to you too to see if we could possibly get this case situation resolved.  1 9/16" long overall with a 7/8" long barrel.  Nickel plated engraved frame, gold plated and engraved brass grips.  Gold plated hammer and trigger.  Hand engraved two line barrel address.  No serial number.  Complete with a non-original Larry Smith walnut push button latch, hinged top casing with a brass handled cleaning/ejector rod and 10 rounds of dummy ammunition.  The case interior lined in an olive green velour.   The bottom of the case marked "-L.H.-, Smith, RE-22", in three lines which is the maker's name, I don't know what the R stands for, the "E" is for engraved, and "22" is the serial number. 

Price:  $850.00


This is a pair of 1/3 scale Kentucky percussion pistols by master miniature maker Ron DeWalt of Michigan.  5 5/8" long overall with a 3 5/16" long octagon smoothbore barrels.  Browned barrels with dovetailed rear sights and nickel silver stud front sights.  Steel locks & hammers finished in the white and nicely engraved . German silver furniture, the ramrod thimbles octagon shaped.  Walnut stocks with a nice bone oval inlaid into the top of each grip just behind the barrel tang.  Hickory ramrods with bone tips.  Both locks are really crisp with both half and full cock. The barrel marked DeWalt on the rear of the top flat.  Buy one or both, but it'd be a shame to break up the pair!

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Price:  $1,250.00 each, or both for $2,250.00


This is a 1/2 scale miniature Remington Model 1895 .41 caliber rimfire over/under Derringer by master miniature maker Daniel Osterman of Oregon.  2 7/16" long overall with 1 7/16" long rifled barrels. These are made from German silver and polished to a high finish that looks like nickel. Nicely checkered black hard rubber grips, checkered hammer spur, functional extractor. The hammer, trigger, and screws are fire blued, the sides of the hammer and trigger polished in the white.  The underside of the barrel marked with the serial number "40".  The bottom of the grip marked D.E.O.+".  Like all of these that Dan made, this one does not have a firing pin. Complete with the original Osterman green cardboard lift top box with the Osterman label on the inside of the box lid and dark green felt lining.  Dan only serial numbered the first 50 of these.  Mint as new condition.

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Price:  600.00


This is a 1/3 scale brass barreled Kentucky flintlock pistol by master miniature maker Ron DeWalt of Michigan.  5 1/16" long overall with a 3 1/32" part round part octagon brass barrel of .156 caliber and is drilled through to the touch hole.  The flint lock assembly is made of steel, and finished in the white.  The barrel tang is also steel finished in the white.  The hammer has both half and full cock.  German silver furniture except for the ramrod tip which is yellow brass.  The ramrod guides are octagon shaped.  Beautiful tiger striped fiddle back maple stock.  Complete with a nice quarter sawn oak hinged top casing with hinged latch.  The interior lined in an orange felt, the bottom of the case interior padded.  A very graceful pistol and beautifully made!  Near mint condition showing only very faint signs of handling. 

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Price:  $1,850.00


This is a really interesting miniature alarm or trap gun, also known as a "Monk's gun".  These very early guns predate the wheellock firearms.  5" long overall with a 4" smoothbore barrel of .26 caliber.  The whole piece looks to be made of sterling silver.  How this works is there is a fixed hammer with a flint that rest on a serrated rack "gear".  The gun would be fixed, say to a door frame, by the loop just under the hammer base.  Then a string would be tied from the loop in the rack to the door.  When the door was opened, the string would pull the serrated rack across the flint, making sparks, which would set off the charge in the barrel which is the alarm.  Could be used in a similar fashion to shoot someone who tried to enter the door.  There is a sliding safety collar on the barrel that will slide to cover and uncover the touch hole.  A really cool piece, I have never before seen anything like it!

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Price:  $400.00


This is a nice 1/2 scale percussion single shot pistol cased set by John Maycock of England.  Unusual in that it is cased with an extra longer barrel.

Price:  $3,150.00


This is a 1/3 scale underhammer percussion single shot pistol by an unknown maker.  3 5/16" long overall with a 1 11/16" part round part octagon blued steel barrel of .134 caliber.  The barrel with a nice ring transition between the round and octagon parts, and a swelled cannon muzzle.  The underside of the barrel is marked "JK".  Blued steel hammer and trigger.  Yellow brass topstrap and gripstrap.  Yellow brass blade type front sight, and yellow brass rear "peep" sight.  There is an engraved stylized eagle on the top strap.  One piece light colored what I think is a walnut grip, but may be stained hardwood.  Cased in a walnut hinged top casing, the latch parts missing, and a small crack on the lower back.  The case interior French fit and lined in a gold felt.  Also included is a brass cleaning rod with a serrated handle.  There is a square recess in the case, which I think was for a cap container, which is now missing.  Fully functional.  The bore is drilled through to the nipple, and the hammer has a good crisp action.  The steel parts show about 65% original blue, the rest blending to a pleasing gray patina.  The brass has a nice uncleaned aged patina.

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Price:  $400.00


This is an antique 1/4 scale British Tower flintlock pistol by an unknown maker.  3 3/4" long overall with a 2 1/8" smoothbore barrel of .19 caliber.  The lock is finished in the white and is marked with a crown over GR just ahead of the hammer.  The barrel is browned.  Brass furniture.  Ebony tipped walnut ramrod.  Walnut stock.  Fully functional, the barrel is bored through to the touch hole and the lock has both half and full cock.  Extremely well made with good scale and proportions.  Cased in a simulated tortoise shell rounded top cardboard jeweler's casing with hinged top and push button latch.  The interior bottom French fit and lined in a medium brown suede.  The interior lid lined in an ivory colored silk, and marked "Weingarten's Ltd, 157, Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2."  The case measures 5 11/16" X 1 7/8" X 7/8" The pistol is in great condition, I'd call it 95%, with just age, and very minor handling marks.  The case does show some wear to the top, sharp edges, and especially to the bottom corners, but is structurally in good shape and still looks good, just looks old!

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Price:  $3,450.00


This is a superb 1/3 scale side by side double barrel Queen Anne percussion pistol by master miniature maker David Kucer of Montreal, Canada.  2 3/64" long overall with 35/64" screw off barrels.  Brass bag style grip and brass triggerguard.  All steel parts finished in a beautiful bright charcoal blue.  Fully functional with crisp locks.  The maker's name stamped into the top of the frame between the hammers.  Nicely cased in an ebony case with silver wire inlaid border on the top.   The case with hinged lid, magnetic locks, and a sterling silver Kucer logo medallion inset into the front right corner of the top.  Accessories include a great copper bodied powder flask, a brass handled steel cleaning/ram rod, a great combination bullet mold, barrel wrench, nipple wrench with sprue cutter, and a brass cap box.  The interior bottom French fit with a burgundy velour.  The lid lined with white silk with the Kucer double lion logo, marked D. Kucer, Montreal, Que., in two lines.

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Price:  $4,500.00 


This is a cast bronze reproduction of a 17th century toy pistol that was found in the Thames river many years ago.  This was cast from an original that was in the Jerry Tralins collection.  2 3/4" long.  Stock photo, yours may look slightly different.

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Price:  $35.00


Well, this is a switch, and what I am referring to is the numbers on each side of the slash are reversed!  This is a twice size, 2X, or 2/1 scale Colt number 2 derringer by master miniature maker, the late Daniel E. Osterman of Junction City, Oregon.  Dan made this piece in the Summer of 1994 when he was about 19 years old!  The derringer measures 6 7/8" long overall with a 3 3/8" barrel of .64 caliber with very heavy 7 groove rifling with a right hand twist.  Unlike Dan's miniature Colt # 2 derringers which are made from nickel silver, all the metal parts on this behemoth are steel.  This massive derringer weighs 1 pound, 13.2 ounces!  The steel parts are all finished in the white except the hammer, which is color case hardened.  The top of the barrel is stamped "No 2" with an underline under the "o".  The hammer, barrel release, and trigger are all nicely checkered.  Both sides of the frame nicely hand engraved in the typical Colt number 2 style.  Nickel silver front sight.  Beautifully checkered walnut 2 piece grips with yellow brass grip escutcheons and a single screw entering from the left side.  Beautifully made, and mint condition, showing no real signs of any handling.  You really need to see this piece in hand to appreciate the master machinist that Dan was at a very early age!  Complete with a hinged top maple casing with finger jointed corners, and a hasp and button clasp.  The case has a dust ledge, and the interior is lined in a bright red felt.  The red case felt lining is showing some minor staining, probably from oil.  Also included is an original cartridge made by Dan, which is an all brass 12 gauge (.64 caliber) shotshell cut down to .85" long with a 2 groove pointed lead projectile.  It is not known if this is a live round or a dummy, but it looks to be a live round to me.  A truly one-of-a-kind piece, by a master maker, of a very collectible Colt derringer.  Originally sold for $8K plus a $1K donation to the Boy Scouts of America.  Shown in the first 3 photos as scale references are one of Dan's 1/2 scale miniature Colt # 2 derringers, and also a beautiful uncirculated 1943 silver U.S. Washington quarter dollar.  The miniature and the quarter are not included in this sale.  The miniature is available for $600.00.  Sorry, the quarter is mine!

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Stock # MBM-1, Price:  $5,000.00