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Single Shot Pistols 4


This is in my opinion a period miniature wheellock pistol from the late 1500's to early 1600's.  I showed it to noted firearms expert Michael Zomber at the Tulsa Gun Show this past November.  His comment was "It has the look of great age and could be period".  No maker markings visible.  4" long overall with a 2 3/8" barrel of .152 caliber.  The barrel is bored through to the touch hole.  Steel lock assembly, barrel, triggerguard, trigger, and screws, with copper furniture.  Very unusual burl walnut one piece stock.  I have never seen another wood stocked miniature wheellock pistol.  All the ones I have ever seen were either metal or ivory stocked.  The hammer is nicely engraved.  The hammer spring with some nice filework.  Ebony ramrod with copper tip.  As is normal for many true antique miniatures that were meant to shoot, the trigger on this miniature extends through the triggerguard so it would be easy to shoot.  There is a loop on the left side for a necklace attachment.  Miniature wheellock pistol were often worn by high ranking women or men as jewelry.  The square shaft where you would use a key to wind the mechanism is somewhat rounded off.  The key is included and fits both the winder shaft and the top jaw of the hammer.  The steel parts are a smooth gray/brown patina with very little if any visible pitting.  The stock is dark, and shows some very minor repairs, especially around the forward barrel pin.  I have removed the lock, and the lock spring cover, and they look very old if not period to me.  Period miniature wheellocks are the ultimate in rarity, desirability, and collectability!

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Price:  $7,500.00


This is a 1/3 scale over/under tap action center hammer flintlock pistol by an unknown maker.  3" long overall with with two screw off smoothbore Damascus barrels 15/16" long of about .160 caliber.  The muzzle ends of the barrels are cut with what looks like eight rifling groves, but are actually where the barrel wrench would engage the barrels to unscrew then if they became stuck.  The hammer has both half and full cock.  All steel parts except the barrels are finished in the white.  The barrels are blued.  One piece walnut pistol grip.  There is a lever on the left side that rotates a drum which when rotated one way blocks the flask to the barrels, and the other way has a hole directing the flash to both barrels, so this shoots both barrels with one pull of the trigger.  Well made with good fit & finish.  The barrels show about 40% original blue damascened finish, the balance turning plum brown.  The balance of the metal is still bright, but does show some very minor scratches from handling.

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 Price:  $600.00


This is not a true miniature, but is rather a small full sized antique pocket or muff pistol made by reknown miniature maker John Maycock of England.  Scroll engraved brass frame.  Engraved brass grip showing flags, shields, and drums.  Center hammer percussion action with fixed (as in non-folding) trigger.  Fire blued fluted screw off barrel measures 15/16" long and is about .22 caliber.  Overall length is 3 3/8".  Engraved charcoal blue hammer with scales and eyes looks like a fish.  Nicely cased in a walnut casing with an engraved push button latch and olive felt lining.  Accessories include a ivory cap box, an ebony and brass powder flask,  and an ivory handled steel bullet mold with sprue cutter. Additional photos available upon request.

 Price: $1,500.00   


This is a 1/2 scale Remington Vest Pocket derringer by master miniature maker Daniel Osterman.  2 1/16" long overall with a 1 9/16" rifled barrel of .11 caliber.  The sides of the frame have cast in engraving.  The finish is nickel plated except for the checkered hammer, and trigger, which are blued with the sides polished in the white.  Brass pin type front sight.  Beautiful two piece pre-ban ivory grips with nickel plated escutcheons, and the screw entering from the left side.  The bottom of the grip stamped with Daniel's "D.E.O. +" maker's mark.  Complete with the original Osterman green lift top cardboard box.  The lid interior with the Osterman label.  Mint condition with a near mint box.  First one of these that I've had in a good while!

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 Price:  $600.00


This is a wonderful true antique 19th century miniature percussion muff pistol.  1 15/16" long overall with a 13/16" barrel with a square bore.  These not only will shoot, but were commonly used as pocket watch keys.  Nickel plated finish, modestly engraved, with pre-ban ivory grips.  Has both half cock and full cock on the hammer.  Presentation cased in a nice dark brown gutta percha case which may be a reproduction.  The interior bottom of a dark blue velvet, the interior lid of burgundy velvet.  The trigger has a loop where it could be attached to a watch chain.  Excellent condition.  The bottom tang with a bit of corrosion, otherwise excellent condition. 

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Price: $950.00


This is a 1/2 scale Colt No. 1 derringer made by master miniature maker Daniel Osterman of Oregon.  2 1/2" long overall with a 1 1/16" long rifled barrel.  Nicely engraved on the barrel, frame, and sideplate and with three oval checkered panels, one on each side of the grip and one at the rear of the grip.  No serial number as this is one of the last ones he made and he only numbered the first 50.  The butt marked D.E.O.+.  Checkered hammer spur with the sighting notch.  Complete with the original Osterman manilla cardboard lift top box with exterior lid label and walnut block insert.

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Price: $500.00


This is a great pair of 1/3 scale Colt number 3 derringers by master miniature maker David Kucer of Montreal, Canada.  1 5/8" long overall with a 23/32" long rifled barrel.  Fully functional including the ejector.  Brass frames, blue barrels and barrel pivot screws with nickel silver front sights, dark walnut grips.  The barrels marked COLT on top and both have the numbre 1 stamped int the bottom.  One has a blue trigger with polished sides, the other trigger finished bright.  The rest of the screws and both hammers finished bright.  Cased in a nice walnut lift top casing with a russet red velour lining. 

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 Price: $3,500.00


This is a 1/4 scale percussion French Model 1822 martial pistol by an unknown maker.  2.8" long overall with a 1.6" smoothbore barrel of .13 caliber.  The lock assembly, barrel, backstrap, lower tang, and ramrod are steel finished in the white.  the triggerguard, buttcap, nosecap, and sideplate are yellow brass.  Functional action and the barrel is drilled through to the nipple.  One piece straight grain walnut stock.  Includes a nice hinged top maple casing with push button latch.  The interior French for in red velour with black edging.  Also includes an absolutely wonderful 14K gold adjustable powder flash.  There is a recess in the case for what I am sure was the matching 14K gold bullet mold with sprue cutter, but alas, it has been lost with the years.  The mold is a masterpiece of much higher quality in my opinion than the pistol, and I'm am sure it is by a different maker.  There is also a small lidded empty corner compartment in the case.  If you have the mold that fits this case, I'd sure like to buy it!

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Price:  $550.00


This is a matched pair of the smallest antique miniature screw barrel drop trigger muff pistols that I have ever seen.  Measuring only a diminutive 1.45" long overall, the barrels measure .411" long and have a bore diameter  of only .063 caliber.  These have the square bore at the muzzle so they can be unscrewed with a proper square wrench and also so they can be used to wind the old antique key wind pocket watches.  Both are gold plated, un-engraved, and have one piece pre-ban ivory grips.  Both have a hanging ring on the rear tang behind the hammer.  Both have fluted barrels.  Both are mechanically perfect, and I would rate the pair at 95% original condition, both showing only minor wear to the gold plating at the sharp edges.  Includes a period walnut casing with sterling silver eagle flask.  The case with silver hinges and clasp.  I have seen one other of these that might have been this small, and he wanted what I want for the pair for his single.  Maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to get such a small pair in such pristine condition!

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Price:  $3,500.00



This is an outstanding 2/5 scale percussion boxlock percussion pistol with screw off Damascus barrel, drop trigger, and wonderful fluted grips by master miniature maker Ron DeWalt.  3 1/16" long overall with a 1 3/16" smoothbore barrel.  The finish looks to be a French Gray.  The frame and upper tang tastefully but modestly engraved.  Beautiful French walnut fluted grips with matching sculpted grip cap.  Very well made and one of the neatest DeWalts I've ever seen.  Complete with the original DeWalt class topped walnut casing.  Accessories include a nice brass bodied bag type powder flask, a brass two piece lift top cap box with pebble grain inserted leather top, and a great Damascus blade double edged knife.  The knife measures 2 15/32" long overall with a  1 1/2" blade, has a nickel silver guard and ivory scales held by nickel silver rivets.  The case interior French fit with red silk lining and a black corded border.

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Price:  !!!!!SALE!!!!!  $1,650.00


This is a cast bronze reproduction of a 17th century toy pistol that was found in the Thames river many years ago.  This was cast from an original that was in the Jerry Tralins collection.  2 7/8" long.  Stock photo, yours may look slightly different.

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Price:  $35.00


This is a 1/3 scale Elgin cutlass pistol by an unknown maker.  4 9/16" long overall with a 1 1/8" barrel of .124 caliber, and a blade of 2 13/16".  Finished in the white.  One piece walnut grip.  Functional action. 

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Price:  $275.00