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This is a 1/3 scale 1930's German Haenel air rifle by master miniature maker Ron DeWalt.  13 1/4" long overall with a 5 1/2" round barrel of about .073 caliber.  The single cock spring piston pump action works smoothly and flawlessly, with a distinct click when the barrel is cocked and reaches the full cocked position, and shoots out a strong stream of air when the trigger is pulled.  The receiver, triggerguard, rear sight, and screws are bright charcoal blue.  The balance of the steel parts are a black/brown blue.  Black plastic buttplate.  The rear of the air chamber is marked DEWALT at the left rear.  The barrel is marked DEWALT on the right rear.  Yellow brass bead type front sight and dovetailed sporting "V" notch rear sight.  Included is the original DeWalt glass topped cherry casing.  The interior French fit and lined in a red velour.  The bottom of the casing marked in black felt tip pin "Made by R.T DeWalt '08".  Also includes a brass cleaning rod with turned walnut handle, and a small brass container containing a number of properly sized round lead shot.  This piece is 100% fully functional and will shoot the included lead shot.  Ron's airguns are highly sought after by airgun collectors.

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 Price:  $1,975.00



This is a 1/3 scale over/under tap action center hammer flintlock pistol by an unknown maker.  3" long overall with with two screw off smoothbore Damascus barrels 15/16" long of about .160 caliber.  The muzzle ends of the barrels are cut with what looks like eight rifling groves, but are actually where the barrel wrench would engage the barrels to unscrew then if they became stuck.  The hammer has both half and full cock.  All steel parts except the barrels are finished in the white.  The barrels are blued.  One piece walnut pistol grip.  There is a lever on the left side that rotates a drum which when rotated one way blocks the flask to the barrels, and the other way has a hole directing the flash to both barrels, so this shoots both barrels with one pull of the trigger.  Well made with good fit & finish.  The barrels show about 40% original blue damascened finish, the balance turning plum brown.  The balance of the metal is still bright, but does show some very minor scratches from handling.

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 Price:  $675.00


This is a 1/2 scale miniature World War II United Stated G.I. army helmet complete with brown fiberglass liner and chin straps with a camo cloth cover.  5 1/2" front to back, 5" side to side, 3 1/2" tall.  Sheet steel helmet construction with a sand textured flat olive drab paint.  The brown helmet and liner constructed exactly like the WWII full size helmets.  The cover has sewn and stitched "button holes" for inserting foliage.  Great workmanship and attention to detail!  These go great with your 1/2 scale Colt 1911 pistols, M-1 carbines, 03-A3 Springfield rifles, or even your Tippmann Browning machine guns!

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Price:  $100.00


This is a stick magazine for a 1/2 scale Tippmann Gatling Gun.  This will work with both the percussion chambers and the adaptors that use the .38 Special or .357 Magnum cartridges.  13 7/8" X 2" X 11/16".  The magazine is blue steel with a yellow brass bottom.  Good gondition with no dents, but does have some minor spots of surface rust.

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 Price:  $200.00


This is a 1/2 scale World War II German Luftwaffe M43 forager cap.  Made by a Hollywood costume maker who's name I can not remember.  Measures about 6 1/2" from front to back, 4 1/8" from side to side, and 3" tall.  Made of black wool with a black silk interior lining and brown leather headband.  Has the German winged eagle over swastica patch on the front and two                     silver buttons.  A great item to display with your miniature German semi-auto pistols!

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 Price:  $100.00


!!!!!Note smokeless frame!!!!!

This is a 47% scale miniature Colt Single Action Army revolver model of 1873 with 7 1/2" barrel. Also known as the "Peacemaker" and the "Frontier six Shooter".  6 1/8" long overall with a 3 7/16"  .21 caliber rifled barrel. Made by Uberti in Italy. Beautiful highly figured piano finished walnut grips.  The caliber marking 45 CAL is stamped on the left rear side of the triggerguard, two patent dates stamped on the left front of the frame.  The serial number, 2209, is stamped on the frame and triggerguard.  209 is stamped into the bottom of the backstrap.  09 is stamped into the loading gate.  Standard black blue finish.  Checkered hammer spur.  Blue front sight. Rare smokeless powder frame with the later top strap, oval ejector rod button, and spring loaded cylinder pin release.  Fully functional, but non-firing. Complete with a nice hinged top walnut case with magnetic latches.  The interior English fit and lined in a dark red suede.  Also includes 24 dummy cartridges with W-W .45 COLT headstamps, a three piece brass oiler, and the interior lid Colt instructions label.  Mint condition.

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 Price:  $975.00


 A nice display of miniature hand knapped flint arrowheads.  There are 13 arrowheads of different types and sizes, but all are quite small.  All are framed together as a display in a wood frame under glass with red diamond tufted backing. The frame measures 4 3/8" X 5 7/8" X 13/16".  I occasionally see arrowheads like this, usually called bird points, sell for $25.00 - $50.00 each, and depending on style, sometimes for much more. Mint condition.

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Price:  $150.00


A 1/3 scale Colt 1851 Navy by Tom P. Weston of Mexico City in the late 1940's to 1950's.  The first I have ever seen or offered for sale!  5 1/2" long overall with a 3 3/16" octagon barrel of about .140 caliber.  Fully functional.  Blue steel finish with a yellow brass triggerguard and backstrap.  No markings.  Checkered hammer spur and loading lever latch.  The hammer with both half and full cock.  The Blue steel cone type front sight.  Includes original Weston case, this piece being cased originally with no accessories. About 80% original thinning charcoal blue finish, the balance turning a gray/plum brown, mostly on the edges, with some minor areas of light pitting.  The brass with a very pleasing dark mustard patina.  There is a small gouge in the left grip near where it meets the frame.  The way it has aged, it looks like it could really be 160 years old!

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Price:  $2,500.00.


 A 2/5 scale P-08 Luger by the same unknown maker as the Luger carbine to the right.  Cased with extra magazine, detachable shoulder stock, and tools.  Beautiful workmanship and fully functonal!  Mint condition.  More details and photos soon!

Price:  $3,500.00.


 A 2/5 scale Luger carbine by the same unknown maker as the P-08 Luger to the left, cased with extra magazine and detachable shoulder stock.  Beautiful workmanship & fully functional!  Mint condition.  More details and photos soon!

Price:  $5,000.00.



This is a J. L. Special pre World War II gasoline ignition engine tether car.  Made by J. L. Engineering Service, 2246 28th, Santa Monica, California.  It features a Super Cyclone ignition engine that I believe is a .60 or .61 cubic inch displacement and a centrifugal clutch.  The suspension two quarter elliptical springs on each side of the front axle, and semi elliptical springs on each side of the rear axle.  The body and frame are cast aluminum.  The car is rear wheel drive and features a differential.  The hood is aluminum sheet metal.  The dash is aluminum sheet metal that has been engine turned.  The red paint is in near perfect condition.  The seat is covered in a black textured leather.  18" long overall, tire diameter is 3 11/16".  The wheels are polished aluminum with solid rubber ribbed tires.  It looks to be in mint condition, and may have been professionally restored sometime in the past.  Check out the photos.

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Stock # DP-10, Price:  $3,500.00


This is a CD miniature firearm plan library by the Miniature Arms Society with 300 high resolution jpegs of plans for making miniature firearms.  Lots of drawings including pinfire pistols, simple derringers, Colt revolvers, Lugers, and a good group of cannons.  All funds will go to the MAS.  To order one of these, send payment to Alice McGinnis, 2109 Spring Street, Cross Plains, WI. 53528. 

Price is:  MAS members $35.00 delivered  

             Non MAS members $40.00 delivered

 Additional shipping charges will apply for international orders.

             Join the MAS and save $5.00!