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This is a double cased set of 47% scale miniature Colt 1851 Navy percussion revolvers made by Uberti in Italy. The revolvers are fully functional, but non-firing.  Blue and case colored finish with brass triggerguard and backstrap. Varnished walnut one piece grips showing some nice grain. The barrel is rifled, the cylinder is roll engraved with the proper naval battle scene, and the triggerguard is marked on the left rear 36 CAL. The frame, triggerguard, and backstrap are serial numbered. Yellow brass bead front sights.  Serial numbers are 533 and 606.  Beautiful exotic wood hinged top casing, English fit, with magnetic closure.  The top of the lid is beautifully high relief carved with the likenesses of the two Colt 1851 navy revolvers. The interior is compartmented, but still need to be lined.  The sides of the case are dovetailed, the bottom attached with wood pegs.  Accessories include 2 brass powder flasks embossed on both sides with birds and a dog, 2 brass legged 2 cavity bullet molds casting both a round and a conical ball with Colt marked blue steel sprue cutters, 2 brass 3 piece oilers with knurled dipper and top, and two dummy cartridge packets.   I will also include a Colt inside lid loading instructions label which is not shown that you can affix after the case is lined.  Mint new condition.  You can see additional photos of the Uberti Colt 1851 revolvers on my website under the revolvers pages and under the Uberti Percussion Colts page.  You can also see additional photos of the accessories on my accessories page.

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Price:  $1,350.00


This is a 1/2 scale Winchester Model 1894 take down short rifle made by Miniart in Russia.  19 1/8" long overall with a 10" octagon barrel of .15 caliber.  Taken down, it measures just 10" long.  Fully functional but non-firing.  Complete with five rounds of solid brass dummy ammunition that will feed, chamber, extract, and eject when cycled through the magazine.  Also includes the instruction pamphlet, and the hang tag.  Checkered hammer spur, step adjustable dovetailed rear sight.  Dovetailed front sight.  Functional lever safety.  Beautifully and expertly engraved by master engraver Jim Blair.  The left side of the receiver with a round panel scene of a mule deer.  Both sides of the receiver bordered in an engraved rope design and scroll corner details.  Additional scroll engraving on the lever, nose cap, and buttplate.  The engraving is very fine and extremely detailed, and you can just look at it for hours!  There is a gold band inlaid into the muzzle end of the barrel and another into the block at the rear of the barrel assembly.  The top of the barrel just ahead of the front sight engraved with the proper Winchester barrel address.  The left top flat of the barrel at the rear of the barrel engraved with the nickel steel barrel markings and the caliber.  The top tang engraved proper Winchester markings.  The takedown lever engraved with the proper patent date markings.  The serial number 007 engraved into the bottom front of the receiver.  Signed by the engraver on the right bottom of the frame.  The steel parts are nicely polished and blued.  Nicely figured varnished walnut buttstock and forearm.  Straight grip buttstock, crescent buttplate, full length magazine.  Near mint condition, showing only very minor handling.  The floorplate, buttplate, and the rear sight starting to turn plum.  Very few of these take down versions were made and they are getting very difficult to find.  A truly beautiful piece with outstanding engraving!

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Price:  $2,950.00     



This is a set of four 47% scale Colt single action army revolvers made by Uberti in Italy.  There are four different barrel lengths - 4 3/4", 5 1/2", 7 1/2", and 12".  All four are factory engraved, gold wire inlaid, charcoal blue finished, and fitted with ivory grips.  The serial numbers are not consecutive, but are all in the 12XX range.  These have black powder frames with the early "pinched frame" top strap, round bull's eye ejector rods, checkered hammer, cylinder pin secured by a screw, and the two line Colt patent dates on the left front of the frame.  These miniatures were given special attention as to fit and finish at the factory, and are among the most beautiful of all the miniature Colts made by Uberti.  This set is a near copy of the set featured on the slip cover of the book "The Art of Miniature firearms - Centuries of Craftsmanship" except the grips are not carved and they are facing the opposite direction.  The casing is walnut with a hinged top and key lock, and an additional protective beveled glass under the lid.  The interior is French fit in purple felt.  A beautiful set that would be nearly impossible to assemble today.  Mint as new condition.  Additional photos on request.

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Price:  !!!!!SALE!!!!!  $5,850.00



This is a one-of-a-kind 1/3 scale Colt number 5 "Texas" Paterson two barrel cased set with detachable shoulder stock made by master miniaturist Larry H. Smith of Florida.  4 9/16" long overall with a 3 1/32" octagon barrel as shown in the case.  8 5/8" long overall with the shoulder stock attached.  Also includes an additional shorter 1 3/4" octagon barrel.  This shoots the 2mm pinfire blank rounds.  The cylinder is manually indexed, and the trigger does not fold, as is typical of the Larry Smith Colt Patersons.  Yellow brass frame, stock yoke, and buttplate.  The steel parts finished in the white, except for the wedge, recoil shield, trigger, stock attachment lug, stock attachment nut, and screws, which are fire blued.  Beautifully figured and aged ivory one piece grip.  Walnut detachable buttstock which shows some nice figure.  Serial number 20 stamped into the bottom of both barrels, the shorter barrel also stamped with the letter "A" on the bottom of the barrel lug.  The bottom of the frame, the bottom of the grip, the lower tang of the buttstock yoke also stamped with the number 20.   Complete with the original Larry Smith Mahogany hinged top casing with a yellow brass slide button latch.  The bottom of the casing stamped "-LH-, SMITH, 20" in three lines.  The interior of the case is French fit in an aqua green/blue felt.  The top o fthe case with a decorative ogee, and an inlaid rectangular silver escutcheon with scalloped corners.  Accessories include a single spout flask, stamped "20" on the bottom, which also doubles as a cleaning rod/cartridge extractor when the spout is removed, and internally contains 19 2mm pinfire blank cartridges.  The inner right leg of the walnut handled blue steel three legged bullet mold stamped "20".  The outer left leg of the mold marked near the hinge ".12 C" for .12 caliber.  Other accessories include a brass lift top tin which contains 15 .12 caliber lead balls, which can be loaded into the cylinder, and will shoot using the 2mm pinfire blank cartridges.  Completing the accessories is a combination screwdriver loading rammer, which is finished in the white, and a walnut handled yellow brass cleaning/extractor rod with yellow brass ferrule and jagged end.  The top tang of the buttplate, and the top of the bullet mold sprue cutter near the hinge stamped with the letter "S".  This is a very early Larry Smith miniature, originally made for a Mr. Frank Chambers in December of 1973.  You will note it does not have a wedge retaining screw, which is typical of very early Larry Smith miniature Colt Patersons.  I just received this back from Larry, who replaced a missing wedge, and did some minor cleaning and refurbishing.  The revolver and accessories are in mint condition as refurbished by Larry Smith.  The lid of the case does show some minor dents and bruises.  This is the only Colt Paterson Larry made with a detachable shoulder stock!

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Price:  !!!!!SALE!!!!!  $2,250.00





This is a 1/3 scale miniature Colt single action army "Sheriff's Model" revolver made by master miniaturists David and Zavie Kucer of Canada.  3" long overall with a 1 1/16" rifled barrel of .146 caliber.  Casecolored frame, the balance of the parts a high polish blue.  The sides of the hammer polished in the white.  Beautiful highly figured two piece walnut grips with yellow brass screw escutcheons.  The left side of the barrel properly marked "COLTS PT. F.A. Co., HARTFORD, CT. USA" in two lines.  The left front of the frame marked with the standard three patent dates.  Serial number 5 stamped into the bottom of the frame, triggerguard, and backstrap, and also on the rear of the cylinder.  Fully functional with both half and full cock, and the correct four clicks when the hammer is cocked.  Complete with the original Kucer walnut lift top casing with magnetic closures.  The interior bottom French fit in a medium green velour.  The interior top is padded, lined in white silk, and marked in black with the Kucer family coat of arms.  The top of the lid has inlaid silver corners and a silver oval inlay of the Kucer family coat of arms.  Mint new condition.

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Price:  $4,350.00


This is a 1/2 scale miniature Colt Root revolving sporting rifle made by master miniature maker Emil Ripoli of Washington State.  25 3/16" long overall with a 15 5/8" part octagon part round rifled barrel of .210 caliber.  The steel parts are finished in the white with beautiful high quality engraving on the frame, barrel lug, cylinder, triggerguard, buttplate, and hammer.  Unfortunately, the engraver is unknown at this time, but I'm working on finding out who the engraver might be!  The buttstock and forearm are straight grained American walnut.  The forearm, which is attached by one barrel key, has an ivory tip.  Neat dovetailed adjustable rear sight, and dovetailed blade type front sight.  Checkered hammer spur and loading lever release.  The serial number "1" stamped into the upper stock tang.  The top of the frame nicely hand engraved "COLT'S PT., 1850" in two lines, then some symbol that I can't decipher, then "ADDRESS COL. COLT, HARTFORD CT USA" in two lines.  The rifle is in nice condition, but does have some very minor spots of surface rust in a few places.  It needs to be repolished, blued, and casecolored.  The stock also has some minor dings and good use a refinish.  Mechanically, the hammer cocks with three clicks, but the cylinder does not properly index, probably a problem with the hand that was common to the full size rifles.  The ramrod with brass tip is not long enough to actually work, and may have been broken off somewhere in the past.  A great piece by a great maker, that just need someone to finish it up and make it into a showpiece!  I bought it right, so I'm selling it the same way!

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Price:  3,950.00


These are 1/3 scale miniature fly fishing rods with reels.  The rods ands reels were made by Ira Stutzman of Hell's Canyon Custom Rods in Halfway, Oregon.  Each rod is 3' long, made of nearly unbreakable fiberglass, and hand painted on the rod near the handle "Imperial Miniature Armory, which is who Ira made these for about 15 years ago.  Each rod has 5 guides, the one nearest the reel with a ceramic insert.  The wood handles are about 3 11/16" long and about .807" in diameter at the largest point.  The reel seat is aluminum, with two brass ferrules friction fit to retain the reel to the rod.  The beautiful highly figured and varnished exotic wood handles vary in color from light to medium to dark.  The reals are machined aluminum, and are anodized either gold or black.  Each reel comes complete with fly line, leader, and backing.  I have several of these in stock.  These are really beautifully made and great quality!  You can choose from dark, medium, or light wood handles, and from black or gold reels as long as the selection last.  As they sell, the selection will narrow, so buy yours early!  

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Price:  85.00 each



This is a 2/5 scale miniature Colt 1860 Army revolver made by master miniature maker David Kucer over 40 years ago.  5 9/16" long overall with a 3 5/32" barrel of .17 caliber.  Blued steel barrel, cylinder, hammer, trigger, wedge, and screws; the hammer and trigger with the sides polished in the white.  Checkered hammer spur and loading lever release.  Case colored frame, loading lever, loading rammer, Brass triggerguard and backstrap.  One piece ivory grips.  Serial number 2 stamped into the bottom of the barrel, frame, triggerguard, and backstrap.  D.KUCER stamped into the bottom of the backstrap.  100% fully functional.  Complete with the original Kucer hinged top key lock walnut casing.  The front right corner of the top inlaid with the Kucer family coat of arms crest.  The corners of the casing finger jointed.  The interior English fit with a dust ledge, and lined in a dark red velour.  Accessories include a Kucer copper bodied flask with brass top & spout.  One side embossed with a scene of a cannon with flags, crossed rifles, etc.  Also includes a Kucer brass two leg bullet mold with steel sprue cutter which is finished in the white.  The mold cast both a round and a conical ball. A copper cap tin with a white paper Eley Brothers label with black print, and the case key finish off the set.  Condition is excellent.  99% blue and case colored finish, except the hammer edges are starting to turn a plum red/brown.  There is some discoloration of the ivory where it meets the frame, but I believe this to be original.  The brass with a deep dark patina except there is a spot of discoloration on the backstrap which looks to be something coating the brass that kept it from tarnishing.  The interior case lining shows some staining, probably from excess oil.

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Price:  !!!!!SALE!!!!!  $3,250.00


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This is a 1/4 scale stone throwing crossbow by master miniature maker Alan Bilbow.  The hand carved wood stock measures 9 1/4" long, the steel bow measures 6 1/4 across.  Unbelievable workmanship and attention to detail.  Fully functional and shoot-able!  Lots and lots of detail carving and sculpting of the metal parts.  Double braided bowstring.  I think the photos can tell the story better than I can.  This exact piece was previously on display at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York City, when it was in the collection of Merrill Lindsay.  Mr. Lindsay was the curator of the museum at that time, and he also wrote the well known book "Miniature Arms".  This exact crossbow was also on display at the Eli Whitney Museum when it was in the collection of well known miniature collector and author Herschel Kopp.  

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Price:  $2,350.00


This is a CD miniature firearm plan library by the Miniature Arms Society with 300 high resolution jpegs of plans for making miniature firearms.  Lots of drawings including pinfire pistols, simple derringers, Colt revolvers, Lugers, and a good group of cannons.  All funds will go to the MAS.  To order one of these, send payment to Alice McGinnis, 2109 Spring Street, Cross Plains, WI. 53528. 

Price is:  MAS members $35.00 delivered  

             Non MAS members $40.00 delivered

 Additional shipping charges will apply for international orders.

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