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This is a 1/2 scale Colt Texas #5 Paterson five shot percussion revolver made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia. 6 3/8" long overall with a 3 3/4" barrel of about .18 caliber. 100% fully functional, and will shoot if you can find the proper percussion caps and lead bullets. The hammer has both half and full cock. Folding trigger drops down when the hammer is cocked. Includes a functional copper & brass 5 spout powder flask, a spare cylinder, a functional single cavity bullet mold with sprue cutter and walnut handles, a functional combination tool which is a screwdriver, a nipple wrench, a nipple pick, and the loading lever, a fully functional brass capper with embossed lid, and a walnut handled cleaning rod. Complete with a walnut and ebony casing that resembles a machinist tool box with hinged top lid and one single drawer. The revolver and capper in the compartment under the lid. The balance of the accessories in the pull out drawer. The top compartment and drawer French fit, and along with the lid, lined in a brick red suede.

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Price:  $1,500.00 


A 1/5 scale 1848 Colt Dragoon revolver made by J & J Mfg. Co.  3 1/2" long overall with a 1 13/16" round barrel.  Finished in the white except for the triggerguard and backstrap which are nickel plated.  One piece grip.  Hammer has half & full cock, and the trigger releases the hammer as it should.  Checkered hammer spur.  The cylinder does not index, and was not meant to as there is no hand, cylinder stop, or cylinder stop notches on the cylinder.  Functional loading lever latch.  The top of the barrel marked " J & J Mfg Co"  The bottom of the barrel lug, the front bottom of the frame, the front bottom of the triggerguard, the bottom of the gripstrap, and the side of the cylinder marked with the serial number 0007.  The side of the cylinder marked "U S DRAGOONS".  Good condition, showing some nickel flaking on the triggerguard and backstrap, and a couple small rust spots.  Looks to be quite old, maybe just post World War II.  Complete with a hinged top cherry wood casing, the interior French fit, and lined in an olive green felt.  I have never heard of J & J Mfg Co, but the piece is well made considering it is only partially functional.  I'm assuming that there must be at least six more of these out there somewhere, and any and all information on this maker would be most welcome.

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Stock # WM-3, Price:  $850.00.


A miniature Damascus blade knife by Lee Ferguson, with titanium guard & pommel, and a beautiful natural opal handle.  The opal with really fiery reds, blues, & greens which are near impossible to capture in photos!  3 11/16" long overall, 2 3/16" blade.  The Damascus is gorgeous with a beautiful pattern.  The base of the blade near the crossguard marked with the makers mark which is an intertwined LF.  Mint new!  Comes with a proper sized padded zipper pouch.

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Price:  $850.00.



This is a 1/3 scale Colt Single Action Army revolver made by master miniature maker David Kucer of Canada.  4 5/16" long overall with a 2 7/16" rifled barrel of .15 caliber.  This is the 7 1/2" barrel version with one line Colt barrel address, black powder frame, oval ejector rod button, blue & case colored finish, with one piece grips.  The frame & hammer are case colored, the balance of the steel parts are blued.  The frame has the three patent date markings on the left front.  There are no caliber markings as would be normal for a very early Colt SAA.  The serial number is 24, and is stamped into the bottom of the frame, triggerguard, backstrap, and the side of the cylinder.  Checkered hammer spur.  Complete with the original Kucer hinged top, key lock, mahogany casing with dust ledge, French fit, in a russet red velour, and includes the original Kucer hallmarked key.  99% condition with no perceptible blemishes to the miniature SAA, and just a very few very minor handling marks on the casing.

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Price $3,500.00.


A 1/4 scale 1866 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine made by Fred Thacker of El Paso, Texas back in the late 1950's to 1960's.  9 7/8" long overall with a 5" round barrel of about .010 caliber.  Full magazine, straight grip stock, crescent buttplate.  Yellow brass frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, and buttplate, the balance of the parts blued steel.  Typical 66 carbine flip adjustable rear sight and twist lever lock.  Knurled hammer spur.  Straight grain American walnut  buttstock and forearm.   The steel parts finish turning an aged gray/brown patina, the brass with a very old dark aged patina.  Missing the saddle ring, but the saddle ring staple in intact.  This would be pretty common on the full size carbines as hunters would remove them because they rattled or jangled when you were walking through the woods hunting.  Also missing the sideplate screw.  There is a very small hairline crack on the right side of the buttstock just behind the frame.  It seriously looks to have been made 140 years ago, and may have been purposefully distressed to look this way!  These are only partially functional.  The lever cocks the hammer, and the trigger releases the hammer, but the cartridge lifter and loading gate are not functional.  It's been several years since I've been able to offer one of these for sale.

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Price:  $1,350.00


 An engraved "Little 45" by American Miniature Gun & Cartridge Co. of Hollywood, Ca. circa 1956 - 1960.  Original cost on one of these in 1957 was about $80.00!  Engraved, nickel plated and gold plated finish with two piece mother of pearl grips.  The hammer, triggerguard, cylinder pin, ejector rod, and screws were gold plated, the balance nickel plated.  Very rare and only the fourth one I've ever seen!  Mechanically perfect, with none of the problems normally associated with these.  Trigger guard works perfectly as the trigger and the loading gate functions perfectly and neither is cracked.  Original case and plastic bullet cap container, the brass colored case of the container has cracks in two places near the case mouth.  Near mint condition except for some loss of the gold wash on the small parts, mostly on the triggerguard and hammer, I'd call it 95%.  Described in Bob Urso's book, The Tiniest Guns, Third Edition, as U-20.  The following quoted from Bob Urso's book, used with permission: 



Manufactured by the American Miniature Gun Mfg. Co. of Hollywood, California, and marketed as the Frontier "45".  On much of it's literature it was also referred to as the "Little 45".  A difficult to classify miniature, although modeled after the Colt Frontier Single Action revolver, it is not a true miniature gun.The Frontier "45" is a six shot, single action, revolver with a hand rotated barrel.  At 3 1/2" OAL, this little beauty is much nicer than a toy, but not quite a miniature.  Manufactured in the 1950's it has more detail, and is more functional than the best of the toy miniatures.  It's cylinder rotates.  It has half and full cock.  It has a flip down, side loading gate, and fires brass, percussion cap-like ammunition.  Expended shells are ejected with a functioning spring loaded ejector, just like on the real thing.  It is unusual in that the complete trigger guard acts as its trigger and is pulled back to fire.  This part is delicate, and many of these guns are found with the tab that holds the trigger assembly in place broken.  The clean finish on these guns suggest that they are sturdy little pieces, They were however, cast in a pot metal.  It is the care that was taken in finishing these guns that makes them look more substantial than they actually are.  A full page ad that appeared in the 1955 edition of the Gun digest special Antique and Used Modern Guns Catalog, list a hand engraved, gold plated model for $100.00.  They were also available in nickel plated.  This is a popular gun with collectors and a relatively difficult gun to find.  Prices are considerably higher than for even the best of the toy miniatures such as Armodelli or Hubley guns.  ...  The most unique aspect of this gun is the spring loaded sear on the trigger assembly.  Singe the trigger slides back and forth, rather than pivoting on a pin, it was necessary to pivot the sear in order that it catch the notch in the trigger."

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Stock # WM-2, Price:  $1,000.00.




 A 1/5 scale British flintlock Blunderbuss boarding gun by Alan Gutchess with cutlass circa 1975.  5 3/4" long overall with a 2 3/4" blued flared muzzle barrel.  Steel lock assembly with both half and full cock, the lockplate marked AG.  German silver furniture.  The walnut stock is very nicely sculpted with some nice carving around the rear tang.  The hickory ramrod has a nickel silver end and is held in place by one ramrod thimble.  Ornate deeply engraved sideplate.  A nice nickel silver shield shaped escutcheon inlaid into the top of the wrist.  There is also some deep engraving on the front finial of the triggerguard.  The top tang of the buttplate with a single line engraved  border.  Also includes a 1/5 scale naval boarding cutlass.  The cutlass measures 2 13/16" long overall with a 2 3/16" steel blade finished in the white.  The back edge of the blade is serrated.  The grip and guard look to be gold plated yellow brass.  Mint condition and fully functional.  Ex Art Palicki collection.

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Stock # WM-1, Price:  $2,500.00



!!!!! IN STOCK !!!!! 

This is a 1/3 scale  Model 1883 Gatling gun on a brass field carriage made by the renown Karl Furr of Orem, Utah.  Chambered in .22 short rimfire, this actually shoots and will fire up to 800 rounds per minute.  Must be sent to an FFL dealer.  64 round Accles drum magazine.  18" diameter wheels with beautiful highly figured black walnut spokes, brass hubs, and brass tires.  The barrel group measures 18 1/2" long not counting the tiller handle.  10 .22 caliber rifled barrels enclosed in a heavy brass jacket or casing.  The rear of the barrel group has two spirit levels for leveling the gun.  This is not classed as a class III machine gun. If you can own a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, you can legally own this masterpiece in most states!

Price:  $10,500.00


!!!!!Back in Stock, Very Limited Quantities!!!!! 
This is a 1/2 scale miniature World War II German SS army helmet in flat camo paint.  5 13/16" front to back, 4 3/4" side to side, and 2 3/4" tall.  Has a German swastika decal on the left side and a SS decal on the right side.  The helmet is made of sheet steel.  The interior made exactly like the WWII models with an adjustable leather liner and a black chin strap.  Wonderful workmanship and attention to detail!  A great accessory to go with your Luger or Walther P-38 1/2 scale pistols.

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Price:  $75.00


This is a 1/2 scale Winchester Model 1866 saddle ring Carbine by the renown Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, Mexico.  Probably made in the 1950's or 1960's.  100% fully functional and chambered to shoot the .22 short rim fire cartridge.  20 3/4" long overall with a 10" .22 caliber rifled barrel.  Brass frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, crescent buttplate, and buttplate trapdoor.  The balance of the metal parts are machined blued steel.  The buttstock and forearm are nice straight grained American walnut.  Checkered hammer spur, standard carbine flip adjustable rear sight, saddle ring mounted to the left rear of the frame.  The top of the barrel hand engraved with the proper Winchester barrel address. Complete with the original Weston deluxe case with very heavy beveled glass.  The interior French fit in red goat skin kid leather.  Includes a nice engraved brass plaque and 12 .22 short action proving dummy cartridges.  There is even a neat functional three piece cleaning rod in the trap in the buttstock.  The serial number, 44, is stamped into the bottom of the frame just behind the trigger.  The Weston markings are light, and are stamped into the lower tang just behind the lever latch.  Wonderful condition other than the case interior leather needs some minor work.  There are a few scattered minor handling marks.  I'd call it 98%.

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Price:  $5,450.00 


Well, this is a switch, and what I am referring to is the numbers on each side of the slash are reversed!  This is a twice size, 2X, or 2/1 scale Colt number 2 derringer by master miniature maker, the late Daniel E. Osterman of Junction City, Oregon.  Dan made this piece in the Summer of 1994 when he was about 19 years old!  The derringer measures 6 7/8" long overall with a 3 3/8" barrel of .64 caliber with very heavy 7 groove rifling with a right hand twist.  Unlike Dan's miniature Colt # 2 derringers which are made from nickel silver, all the metal parts on this behemoth are steel.  This massive derringer weighs 1 pound, 13.2 ounces!  The steel parts are all finished in the white except the hammer, which is color case hardened.  The top of the barrel is stamped "No 2" with an underline under the "o".  The hammer, barrel release, and trigger are all nicely checkered.  Both sides of the frame nicely hand engraved in the typical Colt number 2 style.  Nickel silver front sight.  Beautifully checkered walnut 2 piece grips with yellow brass grip escutcheons and a single screw entering from the left side.  Beautifully made, and mint condition, showing no real signs of any handling.  You really need to see this piece in hand to appreciate the master machinist that Dan was at a very early age!  Complete with a hinged top maple casing with finger jointed corners, and a hasp and button clasp.  The case has a dust ledge, and the interior is lined in a bright red felt.  The red case felt lining is showing some minor staining, probably from oil.  Also included is an original cartridge made by Dan, which is an all brass 12 gauge (.64 caliber) shotshell cut down to .85" long with a 2 groove pointed lead projectile.  It is not known if this is a live round or a dummy, but it looks to be a live round to me.  A truly one-of-a-kind piece, by a master maker, of a very collectible Colt derringer.  Originally sold for $8K plus a $1K donation to the Boy Scouts of America.  Shown in the first 3 photos as scale references are one of Dan's 1/2 scale miniature Colt # 2 derringers, and also a beautiful uncirculated 1943 silver U.S. Washington quarter dollar.  The miniature and the quarter are not included in this sale.  The miniature is available for $600.00.  Sorry, the quarter is mine!

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Stock # MBM-1, Price:  $5,000.00 


This is a CD miniature firearm plan library by the Miniature Arms Society with 300 high resolution jpegs of plans for making miniature firearms.  Lots of drawings including pinfire pistols, simple derringers, Colt revolvers, Lugers, and a good group of cannons.  All funds will go to the MAS.  To order one of these, send payment to Alice McGinnis, 2109 Spring Street, Cross Plains, WI. 53528. 

Price is:  MAS members $35.00 delivered  

             Non MAS members $40.00 delivered

 Additional shipping charges will apply for international orders.

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