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Sporting Rifles 4


This is an awesome 1/2 scale Stevens number 26 "Crack Shot" .32 caliber single shot take down rifle made by master miniature maker Ron DeWalt in Michigan. 16 3/16" long overall with an 8 15/16" rifled round barrel of 4mm bore. Nickel silver blade front sight. The hammer, trigger, and rear sight a bright fire blue. The balance of the steel parts nicely polished with a black/blue finish. Straight grained walnut stock and forearm. The left side of the receiver marked CRACK SHOT 26 just below the barrel. The barrel address and caliber markings on top of the barreljust ahead of the rear sight. The maker's name stamped into the bottom of the barrel just ahead of the forearm. Beautiful fit and finish, crisp action. Cased in the original DeWalt mahogany glass topped casing, French fit, with red velout lining. also included are a wood handled cleaning rod and four dummy cartridges.

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Price:  $2,000.00


This is a 1/3 scale special order Winchester Model 1894 "Trapper" carbine with 14" barrel made by Miniart in Russia.  10 13/16" long overall with a 4 11/16" barrel of .10 caliber.  Blue finished steel parts, walnut stock and forearm, with some really nice figure in the stock.  The proper upper tang markings and barrel markings have been laser engraved.  The serial # 005 laser engraved on the bottom front of the receiver.  Checkered hammer spurs, typical carbine ladder rear sight, carbine buttplate.  This piece is absolutely 100% fully functional and includes three rounds of solid brass dummy ammunition that can be loaded into the magazine and will feed, chamber, extract, and eject.  The lever safety is also functional.  An outstanding value!  Complete with a very nice walnut hinged top casing.  The interior lined in a dark red velour, the bottom French fit.  Condition is 98 - 99% with just some very minor handling wear.  There was a barely perceptible hairline crack in the butt stock just behind the tang when I received this piece.  I sent it to Larry Smith who expertly made the repair, and is now stable and only visible under the close inspection.  Priced accordingly.

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Price:  $1,250.00


This is a 1/4 scale English flintlock seven barrel H. Nock volley gun made by master miniature maker Andrew Dyson in England.  9 1/2" long overall with a 5" barrel group.  The seven smoothbore barrels are about .125 caliber.  This type gun would shoot all seven barrels at once and was often used for shooting rafting ducks, geese, or swans for commercial sale.  Steel barrels, lock, hammer, & frizzen.  Brass triggerguard, ranrod thimbles, and buttplate.  Walnut buttstock.  Steel ramrod.  There are several light handling marks on the stock. 

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Price:  $1,250.00


A nice 1/2 scale Musgrave, Mauser type, bolt action rifle. Made by Musgrave in South Africa. Not functional, but great looking. The bolt lifts and comes back about 1/4 of the way, but doesn't cock. Walnut stock, checkered at the forearm and wrist, sling swivels, nice blued finish. Additional photos available upon request.

Price:  $500.00