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This exact set is featured on page 20 of the book "The Art of Miniature Firearms, Centuries of Craftsmanship".  A copy of the book is included in the sale. Winner of NRA Silver Medal # 13, this is the finest David Kucer cased set of miniature firearms on the planet, bar none! A pair of Colt percussion revolvers in 1/3 scale including a 1851 Navy and a 1860 Army, is presented as a cased pair with accessories. Both revolvers, and the detachable shoulder stock, were engraved, in the most intricate detail imaginable, and 22 karat gold wire border inlaid, by master engraver Roger Sampson. I will be adding much more detailed information about this set soon. If you only collect "The Best", then this is the set for you!


 A 47% scale miniature Winchester model 1866 carbine made by Uberti in Italy.  This piece has been engraved by master engraver Roger Sampson of Minnesota.  The frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, buttplate, and cleaning rod door beautifully and tastefully engraved with scrolls, leaves, and flowers.  Signed by the engraver on the bottom of the frame just in front of the cartridge lifter.  Steel parts are standard blue finish with the sides of the hammer polished bright.  The top of the barrel marked A. Uberti - Italy just ahead of the front sight.  9" round rifled barrel.  18" long overall.  A great piece engraved by the best miniature engraver I know.

 Price: $4,800.00


A perfect one-of-a-kind 1/2 scale miniature of Henry rifle serial #1 as presented to Edwin M. Stanton, secretary of war of the United States, by the New Haven Arms Co. and Oliver F. Winchester. The rifle was engraved and personally presented to Stanton in hopes of securing government contracts to purchase Heny rifles for the impending Civil War. This rifle was made by master miniature maker Mike Barrett. The markings and engraving were all copied exactly by master engraver Roger Sampson, the action tuned and metal prep done by the late Terry Farrand, the deep blue and firey case color work done by Doug Turnbull. A gorgeous miniature in every regard and of great historical interest. The receiver scroll engraved on the right side, the left side showing a panel with the presentation to Secretary to War Stanton. Octagon .22 caliber 11 3/4" rifled barrel. The stock of super fancy dark figured walnut. The brass crescent buttplate features the trapdoor for the cleaning rod. Fully functional and operates smooth as silk. The barrel is a beautiful high polish blued and the hammer and lever are casecolored. The brass receiver, sideplates, and buttplate starting to show a very pretty patina. Please call or email me for additional photos of this beautifull masterpiece.

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Price:  $4,500.00


 This is a gorgeous 47% scale miniature Winchester Model 1866 carbine made by Uberti in Italy. 18" long overall with a 9" .21 caliber rifled barrel. The brass frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, and buttplate have been very tastefully engraved in a pattern common to the Winchester 1866 by master engraver George Sherwood. The varnished walnut stocks have been expertly checkered in a point pattern by master checkerer Jim Corpe. Blue finished steel parts except for the hammer, lever, and trigger which have been case colored by Doug Turnbull. Flip two leaf carbine rear sight. Trapdoor in the buttplate for cleaning rod storage. The two line barrel address lazer engraved on the top of the barrel. Serial # 81 marked on the lower tang. The engraver's marking engraved on the lower tang under the lever. The brass on these is normally gold plated, but this one has had the plating striped, so it should start to get a nice aged patina in a few years.  A very pretty rifle and historicaly accurate. 

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Price:  $2,750.00


This is a 1/2 scale Winchester 1894 short rifle made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia.  This would have a 20 inch octagon barrel instead of the standard 26 inch, and would have a shorter forearm. Basically carbine length with the stiffer octagon barrel and the crescent rifle buttplate.  Beautifully and expertly engraved and 24K gold inlaid in a very typical Winchester pattern from the period by master engraver Angelo Bee.  The stock & forearm checkered and hand rubbed oil finished by master stock maker Jim Corpe.  The lever, hammer, forearm cap, and buttplate are beautifully case colored and the balance of the steel parts finished in a beautiful high polish blue by Doug Turnbull of New York.  Fully functional and will feed, chamber, extract, and eject the included three miniature dummy cartridges. The barrel properly marked with the Winchester barrel address and the caliber markings. The upper rear tang properly marked with the typical Winchester markings.  Checkered hammer spur.  19 1/8" long overall with a 10" barrel of .15 caliber. Serial number 112.  A really gorgeous piece with all the embellishments done by true masters of their crafts. 

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Price:  $3,000.00