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This is a 1/3 scale cased pair of pre-ban ivory stocked Dutch Maastrich pistols by the late Stanley Blashak of Pennsylvania.  Each pistol measures 8" long overall with 4 7/8" long part round part octagon smoothbore barrel of .19 caliber. Beautiful and ornately hand carved bone one piece stocks, the butt of which depict the helmeted head of a warrior.  The barrels and lock assemblies are steel finished in the white, and modestly but expertly engraved.  Tghe locks feature both half and full cock.  The furniture is silver, again modestly but expertly engraved, and shows just enough tarnish that you know that it is in fact silver.  Ivory ramrods.  Cased together in a great walnut hinged top casing with rotating slide latch.  The interior French fit and lined in black velour, which makes for a marvelous contrast!  The lone accessory included is an ivory powder flask with ivory violin peg stopper and silver mountings.  A gorgeous set by a well respected maker.  This piece was made when Stanley was in his prime, and the workmanship is just outstanding.  Very seldom offered for sale.

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This is a 1/2 scale Winchester Model 1894 take down short rifle made by Miniart in Russia.  19 1/8" long overall with a 10" octagon barrel of .15 caliber.  Taken down, it measures just 10" long.  Fully functional but non-firing.  Complete with five rounds of solid brass dummy ammunition that will feed, chamber, extract, and eject when cycled through the magazine.  Also includes the instruction pamphlet, and the hang tag.  Checkered hammer spur, step adjustable dovetailed rear sight.  Dovetailed front sight.  Functional lever safety.  Beautifully and expertly engraved by master engraver Jim Blair.  The left side of the receiver with a round panel scene of a mule deer.  Both sides of the receiver bordered in an engraved rope design and scroll corner details.  Additional scroll engraving on the lever, nose cap, and buttplate.  The engraving is very fine and extremely detailed, and you can just look at it for hours!  There is a gold band inlaid into the muzzle end of the barrel and another into the block at the rear of the barrel assembly.  The top of the barrel just ahead of the front sight engraved with the proper Winchester barrel address.  The left top flat of the barrel at the rear of the barrel engraved with the nickel steel barrel markings and the caliber.  The top tang engraved proper Winchester markings.  The takedown lever engraved with the proper patent date markings.  The serial number 007 engraved into the bottom front of the receiver.  Signed by the engraver on the right bottom of the frame.  The steel parts are nicely polished and blued.  Nicely figured varnished walnut buttstock and forearm.  Straight grip buttstock, crescent buttplate, full length magazine.  Near mint condition, showing only very minor handling.  The floorplate, buttplate, and the rear sight starting to turn plum.  Very few of these take down versions were made and they are getting very difficult to find.  A truly beautiful piece with outstanding engraving!

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Price:  $2,950.00


This exact set is featured on page 20 of the book "The Art of Miniature Firearms, Centuries of Craftsmanship".  A copy of the book is included in the sale. Winner of NRA Silver Medal # 13, this is the finest David Kucer cased set of miniature firearms on the planet, bar none! A pair of Colt percussion revolvers in 1/3 scale including a 1851 Navy and a 1860 Army, is presented as a cased pair with accessories. Both revolvers, and the detachable shoulder stock, were engraved, in the most intricate detail imaginable, and 22 karat gold wire border inlaid, by master engraver Roger Sampson. I will be adding much more detailed information about this set soon. If you only collect "The Best", then this is the set for you!


This is a 1/2 scale P-08 German Luger semi-automatic pistol made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia circa 1993.  The high polish blue finish, 22 karat gold wire inlays, and ivory grips were beautifully executed by master engraver Thierry Duget.  4 1/4" long overall with a 1 15/16" rifled barrel of 4.5mm bore.  High polished blued machined steel.  Pre-ban ivory grips with a single retaining screw at the bottom of each.  Serial number 51 stamped into the left front of the frame. 1912 is inlaid in 22 karat gold into the top front of the frame over the chamber area of the barrel. The Erfurt with crown logo on the top of the toggle is 22 karat gold inlaid.  The muzzle inlaid with 2 gold bands.  The top, sides, rear of the frame, and sides of the magazine well are outline bordered in 22 karat gold wire inlays. The rear of the frame above the safety marked GESICHERT.  Fixed rear sight. The takedown lever, magazine release, and the sides of the toggles are very finely checkered.  The back of the front sight, the tops of the toggles, and the top of the safety are serrated.  The body of the magazine is finished in the white, the magazine bottom is black anodized aluminum.  Fully functional, this miniature will feed, chamber, extract, and eject the included 8 solid steel 1/2 scale dummy 9mm parabellum cartridges. Functional safety. Mint new condition.  Includes a 1/2 scale miniature Luger manual, and a nice deluxe casing.  The black leather covered hinged top casing has two front slide latches.  The interior is lined in a royal blue velour, the bottom with a burgundy rope perimeter edging.  Thierry's craftsmanship on the polishing, gold inlays, and ivory grips is really just superb, and must be seen "in hand" to fully appreciate the beauty!  Thierry made four of these.  Two cased singles, of which this is one, and a cased pair, serial numbers 08 and 10, which are shown on page 122 of the book "The Art of Miniature Firearms, Centuries of Craftsmanship".

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Price:  $3,750.00


 This is a gorgeous 47% scale miniature Winchester Model 1866 carbine made by Uberti in Italy. 18" long overall with a 9" .21 caliber rifled barrel. The brass frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, and buttplate have been very tastefully engraved in a pattern common to the Winchester 1866 by master engraver George Sherwood. The varnished walnut stocks have been expertly checkered in a point pattern by master checkerer Jim Corpe. Blue finished steel parts except for the hammer, lever, and trigger which have been case colored by Doug Turnbull. Flip two leaf carbine rear sight. Trapdoor in the buttplate for cleaning rod storage. The two line barrel address lazer engraved on the top of the barrel. Serial # 81 marked on the lower tang. The engraver's marking engraved on the lower tang under the lever. The brass on these is normally gold plated, but this one has had the plating striped, so it should start to get a nice aged patina in a few years.  A very pretty rifle and historicaly accurate. 

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Price:  $2,750.00



This is a set of four 47% scale Colt single action army revolvers made by Uberti in Italy.  There are four different barrel lengths - 4 3/4", 5 1/2", 7 1/2", and 12".  All four are factory engraved, gold wire inlaid, charcoal blue finished, and fitted with pre-ban ivory grips.  The serial numbers are not consecutive, but are all in the 12XX range.  These have black powder frames with the early "pinched frame" top strap, round bull's eye ejector rods, checkered hammer, cylinder pin secured by a screw, and the two line Colt patent dates on the left front of the frame.  These miniatures were given special attention as to fit and finish at the factory, and are among the most beautiful of all the miniature Colts made by Uberti.  This set is a near copy of the set featured on the slip cover of the book "The Art of Miniature firearms - Centuries of Craftsmanship" except the grips are not carved and they are facing the opposite direction.  The casing is walnut with a hinged top and key lock, and an additional protective beveled glass under the lid.  The interior is French fit in purple felt.  A beautiful set that would be nearly impossible to assemble today.  Mint as new condition.  Additional photos on request.

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This is a 1/3 scale flintlock Kentucky rifle by master miniature maker Art Holly.  21 1/16" long overall with a 15" part octagon part round rifled barrel of .22 caliber.  The barrel is browned, and bored through to the touch hole.  The lockplate, hammer, pan, & frizzen are case hardened in colors.  Fire blue frizzen spring.  The lock lightly engraved and marked in script capitol letters what looks to be LAH. The hammer with both half and full cock, with a very light crisp trigger pull.  Nice high quality engraved brass furniture.  Engraved manually opened brass patchbox marked 1787.  The top of the barrel signed A. Holly.  Nice silver wire inlays into the stock on both sides of the forearm just ahead of the lock and on both sides of the buttstock.  The barrel held in place with four pins, each of which had an engraved brass escutcheon on both sides.  The brass nosecap is swelled toward the muzzle giving the appearance of a swamped barrel.  The rear sight is fire blued and dovetailed in place.  The front sight is brass and is fixed.  There is a brass band inlaid into the rear of the barrel near the tang.  The stock is a beautiful highly figured fiddleback maple with moderate carving of excellent quality, and a raised cheekpiece on the left side.  There is a brass inlay in the cheekpiece with a silver flower inlay inside it, which has an abalone center.   Three ramrod thimbles.  Hickory ramrod with brass tip.  A pretty rifle with great lines by a great highly collected maker.  Art Holly miniature rifles are very seldom offered for sale.


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This is an outstanding 1/2 scale Stevens tip up single shot rifle by master miniature maker Mike Barrett of Minnesota, engraved by master engraver Roger Sampson.  17 5/16" long overall with a 9 27/32" .22 caliber rifled barrel.  Blue 1/2 round 1/2 octagon barrel with the proper Stevens barrel address and caliber markings.  A single gold band inlaid into the barrel just ahead of the receiver.  The bottom of the barrel marked with the maker's mark on the underside just ahead of the receiver.  Blued sights, hammer, trigger, and screws.The receiver, triggerguard, and buttplate very ornately and intricately engraved and nickel plated.  The receiver and triggerguard with almost 100% coverage.  Beautiful flame grained oiled walnut buttstock.  Fully functional.  The is no chamber cut into the barrel as is typical on most of Mike's miniatures.  Cased in a hinged top walnut casing with key lock.  The interior French fit and lined in a green cloth.  A truely eye popping piece!

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Price:  $3,350.00