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This is a 1/4 scale Webley & Scott single shot bolt action shotgun made by master miniature maker Dr. John Cooper of England.  11 7/16" long overall with a 6 3/8" round barrel of about .009 diameter.  Browned steel finish except for the bolt assembly and trigger which are finished in the white.  One piece straight grained walnut stock.  No buttplate.  Tiny brass bead front sight.  Typical of the Webley & Scott shotguns, this miniature cocks on closing, like a British Enfield service rifle, instead of cocking on opening like most American bolt actions.  The number "54" is stamped into the bottom of the stock just forward of the triggerguard.  The action is 100% functional with a functional firing pin and extractor, though typical of English miniature makers, the barrel is not bored through.  This is a miniature of what is most likely a goose gun with the extremely long barrel.  Complete with one round of dummy shotgun ammunition.  The round features a low brass base, a battery cup primer, and a brick red case.  Also includes a hinged top walnut casing, the interior top & bottom padded and covered in red velour.  Excellent condition showing only some very minor handling marks.  Dr. Cooper was a prolific miniature maker, but his miniatures are very seldom seen in the U.S.  Dr. Cooper was also the author of three books on antique miniature German, Austrian, and Belgian rimfire & pinfire revolvers, and single shot percussion pistols.

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Price:  $1,500.00



This is a 1/2 scale Winchester Model 1866 saddle ring Carbine by the renown Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, Mexico.  Probably made in the 1950's or 1960's.  100% fully functional and chambered to shoot the .22 short rim fire cartridge.  20 3/4" long overall with a 10" .22 caliber rifled barrel.  Brass frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, crescent buttplate, and buttplate trapdoor.  The balance of the metal parts are machined blued steel.  The buttstock and forearm are nice straight grained American walnut.  Checkered hammer spur, standard carbine flip adjustable rear sight, saddle ring mounted to the left rear of the frame.  The top of the barrel hand engraved with the proper Winchester barrel address. Complete with the original Weston deluxe case with very heavy beveled glass.  The interior French fit in red goat skin kid leather.  Includes a nice engraved brass plaque and 12 .22 short action proving dummy cartridges.  There is even a neat functional three piece cleaning rod in the trap in the buttstock.  The serial number, 44, is stamped into the bottom of the frame just behind the trigger.  The Weston markings are light, and are stamped into the lower tang just behind the lever latch.  Wonderful condition other than the case interior leather needs some minor work.  There are a few scattered minor handling marks.  I'd call it 98%.

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Price:  $5,450.00 


A 1/4 scale 1866 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine made by Fred Thacker of El Paso, Texas back in the late 1950's to 1960's.  9 7/8" long overall with a 5" round barrel of about .010 caliber.  Full magazine, straight grip stock, crescent buttplate.  Yellow brass frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, and buttplate, the balance of the parts blued steel.  Typical 66 carbine flip adjustable rear sight and twist lever lock.  Knurled hammer spur.  Straight grain American walnut  buttstock and forearm.   The steel parts finish turning an aged gray/brown patina, the brass with a very old dark aged patina.  Missing the saddle ring, but the saddle ring staple in intact.  This would be pretty common on the full size carbines as hunters would remove them because they rattled or jangled when you were walking through the woods hunting.  Also missing the sideplate screw.  There is a very small hairline crack on the right side of the buttstock just behind the frame.  It seriously looks to have been made 140 years ago, and may have been purposefully distressed to look this way!  These are only partially functional.  The lever cocks the hammer, and the trigger releases the hammer, but the cartridge lifter and loading gate are not functional.  It's been several years since I've been able to offer one of these for sale.

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Price:  $1,250.00


A 1/5 scale British flintlock Blunderbuss boarding gun by Alan Gutchess with cutlass circa 1975.  5 3/4" long overall with a 2 3/4" blued flared muzzle barrel.  Steel lock assembly with both half and full cock, the lockplate marked AG.  German silver furniture.  The walnut stock is very nicely sculpted with some nice carving around the rear tang.  The hickory ramrod has a nickel silver end and is held in place by one ramrod thimble.  Ornate deeply engraved sideplate.  A nice nickel silver shield shaped escutcheon inlaid into the top of the wrist.  There is also some deep engraving on the front finial of the triggerguard.  The top tang of the buttplate with a single line engraved  border.  Also includes a 1/5 scale naval boarding cutlass.  The cutlass measures 2 13/16" long overall with a 2 3/16" steel blade finished in the white.  The back edge of the blade is serrated.  The grip and guard look to be gold plated yellow brass.  Mint condition and fully functional.  Ex Art Palicki collection.

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Stock # WM-1, Price:  $2,500.00


This is a Winchester 1866 carbine made by Uberti in Italy.  18 3/4" long overall with a 9" rifled round barrel of .21 caliber.  Beautiful highly figured walnut buttstock and forearm with high gloss varnished finish.  Gold plated brass receiver, sideplates, buttplate and cleaning rod trapdoor.  High polish blue steel barrel, magazine, lever, bands, etc. The carbine buttplate with the sliding trapdoor for a cleaning rod (cleaning rod not included). Carbine flip rear sight. The hammer sides polished in the white, the hammer spur finely checkered. Beautiful craftsmanship and typical Uberti high quality.  Serial number stamped into the lower tang.  A. Uberti - Italy stamped into the top of the barrel ahead of the rear sight.  Straight grip stock, full magazine, carbine buttplate.  Absolutely pristine mint condition and still in the plastic shipping bag from Uberti.  Stock photo, yours may look slightly different.
!!!!!SALE:  $1,000.00  !!!!!



This is a 1/3 scale 1930's German Haenel air rifle by master miniature maker Ron DeWalt.  13 1/4" long overall with a 5 1/2" round barrel of about .073 caliber.  The single cock spring piston pump action works smoothly and flawlessly, with a distinct click when the barrel is cocked and reaches the full cocked position, and shoots out a strong stream of air when the trigger is pulled.  The receiver, triggerguard, rear sight, and screws are bright charcoal blue.  The balance of the steel parts are a black/brown blue.  Black plastic buttplate.  The rear of the air chamber is marked DEWALT at the left rear.  The barrel is marked DEWALT on the right rear.  Yellow brass bead type front sight and dovetailed sporting "V" notch rear sight.  Included is the original DeWalt glass topped cherry casing.  The interior French fit and lined in a red velour.  The bottom of the casing marked in black felt tip pin "Made by R.T DeWalt '08".  Also includes a brass cleaning rod with turned walnut handle, and a small brass container containing a number of properly sized round lead shot.  This piece is 100% fully functional and will shoot the included lead shot.  Ron's airguns are highly sought after by airgun collectors.

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Price:  $1,500.00