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This is a 47% scale Winchester Model 1866 octagon barrel rifle by Uberti in Italy.  20 3/8" long overall with a 11 7/16" .21 caliber rifled octagon barrel.  All steel parts are nicely blued and 99.9%.  The brass parts are all gold plated as is normal for the Uberti 66's.  The wood is highly figured French walnut with beautiful cross grain figure.  Serial # 294 is stamped into the lower tang.  Full magazine, crescent buttplate with the trap door for a cleaning rod (rod not included).  Checkered hammer spur, the sides of the hammer polished and in the white.  The rear sight has the distance graduation markings.  Under the rear sight is the normal Uberti stamping.  The barrel is plugged at the breech as are all of the Uberti rifles.  The condition is good with a small blemish to the gold plating on the left rear of the frame, and several small handling marks in the wood.  Uberti 1866 octagon barrel rifles are scarce as they were probably less than 10% of production, most of the production being round barrel carbines. 

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This is a Winchester 1866 carbine made by Uberti in Italy.  18 3/4" long overall with a 9" rifled round barrel of .21 caliber.  Beautiful highly figured walnut buttstock and forearm with high gloss varnished finish.  Gold plated brass receiver, sideplates, buttplate and cleaning rod trapdoor.  High polish blue steel barrel, magazine, lever, bands, etc. The carbine buttplate with the sliding trapdoor for a cleaning rod (cleaning rod not included). Carbine flip rear sight. The hammer sides polished in the white, the hammer spur finely checkered. Beautiful craftsmanship and typical Uberti high quality.  Serial number stamped into the lower tang.  A. Uberti - Italy stamped into the top of the barrel ahead of the rear sight.  Straight grip stock, full magazine, carbine buttplate.  Absolutely pristine mint condition and still in the plastic shipping bag from Uberti.  Stock photo, yours may look slightly different.
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This is a 1/2 scale Armalite M16A1 made by American Miniature Arms, Inc. of Windsor, Vermont.  19 7/16" long overall with a 10 1/2" barrel of about .11 caliber.  Blackened Parkerized steel and alloy parts.  Black plastic stock & forearm.  Hard rubber buttplate.  Looks to be fully functional as all the internals are there and the magazine looks good.  Unfortunately, no dummies came with these.  This one is serial # 10XX, and they are all individually numbered.  Very limited quantities.  If you like miniatures, and this type firearm, your insane if you don't buy one of these!

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Price:  $300.00


Just back from Roger Sampson, now with lettering, proof marks, inspectors marks, sight graduations, the engraved lockplate eagle, hammer checkering, and the stock cartouches!!! 

 This is a 1/2 scale 1873 Springfield trapdoor saddle ring carbine made by master miniature maker Mike Barrett of Minnesota.  20 3/8" long overall with a 10 5/8" rifled .22 caliber barrel.  All steel parts are finished in a beautiful rust blue.  Highly figured American walnut stock.  All of the lettering, proof marks, sight graduations, the spread winged eagle on the lockplate, hammer checkering, and the stock cartouches were hand engraved by master engraver Roger Sampson of Minnesota.  Unlike the later Springfield trapdoors, the 1873's had a blued trap door instead of case colored.  This piece is serial numbered 15192, which would put in right in the middle of the "Custer - Little Big Horn Battle" trapdoor carbines!  Roger did an outstanding job on all facets of the markings, and also arranged to have the proper rust blue finish done.  Check out the 30 detailed photos!  Fully functional, but non-firing as there is no chamber cut into the breech end of the barrel.  Includes a great mahogany finger jointed hinged top casing with magnetic latches.  The interior is French fit in a brick red felt.

Price:  $3,850.00


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This is a gorgeous 47% scale miniature Winchester Model 1866 carbine made by Uberti in Italy. 18" long overall with a 9" .21 caliber rifled barrel. The brass frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, and buttplate have been very tastefully engraved in a pattern common to the Winchester 1866 by master engraver George Sherwood. The varnished walnut stocks have been expertly checkered in a point pattern by master checkerer Jim Corpe. Blue finished steel parts except for the hammer, lever, and trigger which have been case colored by Doug Turnbull. Flip two leaf carbine rear sight. Trapdoor in the buttplate for cleaning rod storage. The two line barrel address lazer engraved on the top of the barrel. Serial # 81 marked on the lower tang. The engraver's marking engraved on the lower tang under the lever. The brass on these is normally gold plated, but this one has had the plating striped, so it should start to get a nice aged patina in a few years.  A very pretty rifle and historicaly accurate. 

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