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Single Shot Pistols 1


This is a double cased set of  Remington Elliot single shot "Mississippi" derringers by master miniature maker Larry Smith.  Each miniature is 1 9/16" long overall with a 7/8" long barrel.  Beautiful high polish bright charcoal blue finish, two piece bone grips.  The grips with nickel silver escutcheons, and a single screw entering from the left side.  Each miniature has the engraved one line Remington barrel address, the maker's name engraved into the bottom of the gripstrap, and the serial numbers, which are "151 & 152" stamped into the bottom of the barrel, frame, and case.  Complete with the original Larry Smith walnut push button latch, hinged top casing with a brass handled bright steel cleaning/ejector rod.  Both miniatures fire the 2mm pinfire cartridge, and 10 blank rounds are included in the wood cartridge block. The case interior is English fit, and lined in an olive green velour.   The bottom of the case marked "-L.H.-, Smith, 151 & 152", in three lines.  The LH & Smith are weakly stamped, but visible, the serial numbers are well stamped.  Near mint condition.  The miniatures are mint, the case showing some minor scratches and dings.

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Price:  $1,350.00


This is a 1/2 scale Remington Vest Pocket derringer by Larry H. Smith of Florida.  2 1/8" long overall with a 1 11/16" barrel of .107 caliber.  This piece fires the 2mm pinfire cartridges.  The steel frame is modestly hand engraved on both sides in a scroll vine and leaf pattern.  The top of the barrel is marked "-LHS-"  The serial number, 24, stamped into the bottom of the barrel just ahead of the trigger.  The piece was originally gold washed, but most of the gold wash is gone, showing only traces in the protected areas.  Nicely aged two piece bone grips with nickel silver escutcheons, a nice patina and grain, and the screw entering from the left side.  Complete with the original Larry Smith walnut hinged top casing with push button latch.  The interior English fit and lined in a purple felt.  The bottom of the case marked "-L.H.-, SMITH, VP - 24, E" in four lines.  Accessories include a brass handled steel cleaning rod, the steel finished in the white, and 13 2mm pinfire blank cartridges.There is some minor rust etching, mostly around the front sight, and on the bottom and back of the gripstrap.  The cartridge block in the interior of the case has a very obvious crack, and there are some scratches and bruises on the case lid.  Priced accordingly.  This would be a fairly easy piece to restore if you have the skills.

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Price:  $500.00


This is a 1/2 scale Colt number 2 derringer by master miniature maker Daniel Osterman.  2 5/8" long overall with 1 3/16" rifled barrel of .20 caliber.  The frame and barrel are made of German silver.  The top of the barrels marked with the proper Colt barrel address.  There is some nice engraving on each side of the frame and on the backstrap just behind the hammer.  Blue checkered hammer spur, trigger, and barrel release button, the sides of the hammer & trigger polished in the white.  Dark brown hard rubber two piece checkered grips.  Serial number 5 stamped into the bottom of the barrel near the frame.  The butt marked with Dan's D.E.O. + marking.

Price:  $600.00