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This is a 47% scale Colt 1860 Army "Prestige Edition" revolver made by Uberti in Italy.  These were the absolute top tier grade of the Uberti miniatures, and featured beautiful hand engraving and 24 karat gold inlays by Uberti's top master engravers.  These were also given very special attention as far as fit, function and finish, and are among the most graceful and beautiful of any miniatures I have ever had the pleasure to handle.   The frame, barrel, backstrap, and hammer are border outlined in 24 karat gold wire.  The frame also showing additional gold floral inlays, two on the right side, and one of the left side.  The barrel is not only beautifully engraved, but has extensive gold inlays including a gold horse head on the right side, a gold eagle on the left side with extensive gold floral scroll inlays.Fully functional, but non-firing, only because the nipples are not drilled all the way through.  6 3/8" long overall with a 3 3/4" rifled barrel.  The beautiful one piece bone grips have a very nice grain and are starting to show some aged patina.  The steel parts are finished in a bright charcoal blue.   The trigger guard is brass, and shows a nice mellow aged patina.  Checkered hammer spur and loading latch lever.  Serial number 187 stamped into the bottom of the barrel, frame, triggerguard, and butstrasp.  87 stamped into the side of the cylinder.  The barrel has the proper roll marked Colt barrel address which has been inlaid in gold.  This is very seldom seen on these prestige miniatures!   The cylinder shows the proper roll engraved Ormsby naval engagement scene.   The left front of the frame is marked Colt's Patent.  The left rear of the triggerguard is marked .44 CAL.  Near mint condition except the blue or case coloring on the loading lever has faded for some reason to a steel gray.  Complete with a steel hinged top steel sheet metal casing with rotating latch.  The interior French fit in a burgundy velour.

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Stock # CC-1, Price:  $2,750.00