Bob Urso

Bob Urso 1/2 Scale Reid Knuckleduster Pistol, Engraved

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This is a 1/2 scale Reid knuckleduster pistol made by the author of The Tiniest Guns, Bob Urso.  1 5/8″ long overall.  The cylinder is the barrel and is 9/16″ long.  Although the Reid was […]

Bob Urso 1/2 Scale German Kolibri Semi-Automatic Pistol Chambered For 2MM Pinfire

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This is a single shot 2mm pinfire made by The Tiniest Guns author Bob Urso to resemble the German Kolibri 2.7 mm semi-automatic pistol.  1 9/16″ long overall with a 1 3/16″ barrel of about […]

Bob Urso 1/4 Scale Colt Open Top Revolver In 2mm Pinfire

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This is a 1/4 scale Colt “Open Top” revolver made by The Tiniest Guns author Bob Urso of Washington State.  1 7/8″ long overall with a 11/16″ barrel of about .08 caliber.  This shoots the […]

Bob Urso 1/2 Scale French Delvigne 2MM Pinfire Derringer Serial # 1

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This is a 1/2 scale French Delvigne in 2mm pinfire derringer made by The Tiniest Guns author Bob Urso of Washington State.  1 3/4″ long overall with a 7/8″ barrel of about .078 caliber.  Nickel […]

Bob Urso 2mm Pinfire Colt .25 Semi-Automatic Pistol

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This is a 1/3 scale Colt .25 semi-automatic pistol made by Bob Urso of Washington State.  Although it looks like the Colt semi-auto, it is actually a 2mm underhammer single shot pistol.  The following description […]

Bob Urso 2mm pinfire rifle with sling, bayonet, and original case

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This is a 2mm pinfire rifle made by noted miniature maker Bob Urso of Washington state, author of the ultimate reference on Berloque and 2mm pinfire miniatures, The Tiniest Guns. He calls this model the […]

Bob Urso, The Tiniest Guns, Book on 2mm pinfires and Berloques


The Tiniest Guns by Bob Urso. 5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″, 160 pages, softbound. 32 more pages than the second edition. The best reference on the 2mm pinfire novelty berloque miniatures and also includes pieces […]