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Antique 4 Shot 3mm Pinfire Ring Gun With Fluted Cylinder Marked “LE PETIT PROTECTOR II”, In A Case Marked “Quatre Morts” (Four Deaths)!

By |December 12th, 2018|

This is an antique four shot “LE PETIT PROTECTOR II” ring gun in 3mm pinfire by an unknown maker, probably made in France or Belgium in the 1860’s to 1880’s.  The ring looks to be silver, but shows no hallmarks.  The back side of the ring engraved “LE PETIT PROTECTOR II” along with some vine […]

!!!!!SOLD!!!!! Miniart 1/3 Scale German FG-42 Assault Rifle With Case & Accessories !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

By |December 4th, 2018|

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale German FG-42 Assault rifle with case & accessories by Miniart in Moscow, Russia.  13″ long overall with a 7 3/4″ barrel (including the flash hider) of .102 caliber.  This is the great grandfather of all modern day military battle rifles including the AK-47 and the M-16.  Fully functional, but […]

!!!!!SOLD!!!!! Uberti 47% Scale Colt 1861 Navy Percussion Revolver Cased With Accessories !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

By |December 3rd, 2018|

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 47% scale Colt 1861 Navy revolver made by Uberti in Italy. Fully functional, but non-firing. 6 1/8″ long overall with a 3 1/2″ long rifled barrel.  Standard blue and case colored finish. Serial # 106 is stamped into the frame, barrel, triggerguard, and backstrap. The cylinder is roll engraved with the […]

!!!!!SOLD!!!!! Antique Six Shot “Le Petit Protector” Men’s 2MM Pinfire Ring Gun With Case !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

By |December 3rd, 2018|

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is an antique gentleman’s six shot “Le Petit Protector” 2mm pinfire ring gun by an unknown maker, probably made in France or Belgium in the 1860’s to 1880’s.  The ring looks to be silver, but shows no hallmarks.  The back side of the ring engraved “LE PETIT PROTECTOR” along with some vine & […]

!!!!!SOLD!!!!! Tom P. Weston 1/3 Scale Colt Walker Revolver With Flask & Case !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

By |November 24th, 2018|

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale Colt Walker dragoon revolver made by the famous Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, Mexico in the late 1940’s through 1960’s.  This is often referred to as the Weston 6″ Walker.  6 1/16″ long overall with a 3 3/8″ part octagon, part round barrel of about .166 caliber.  Rust […]

Frost Cutlery Limited Edition Set Of 4 Miniature Straight Razors With Original Case

By |November 21st, 2018|

This is a limited edition set of 4 mini razors made by Frost Cutlery.  The blades are hollow ground and very sharp!  There are 4 different handles.  One is simulated ivory, one is stag, one is red jigged bone and the last ids a brown & green jigged bone.  All 4 are numbered 235 on […]

Miniature Revolver Shaped Cigar Cutter With Silver & Amber Stem & Original Case

By |November 21st, 2018|

This is a miniature revolver shaped mechanical cigar cutter with an amber & silver stem & the original hinged top casing.  The Top of the brown leather case is stamped in gold lettering “ANDENKEN, an, Berlin.” in three lines.  The cigar cutter measures 3 5/16″ long overall.  Nickel plated finish with two piece mother of […]

!!!!!SOLD!!!!! American Miniature Gun & Cartridge Co. “Little .45” Cap Gun Cased Set !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

By |November 18th, 2018|

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a Little .45 toy cap gun made by the American Miniature Gun and Cartridge Co. of Hollywood, California in the 1950’s.  Designated as U20 in Bob Urso’s book The Tiniest guns, third Edition, the following description from his book is used with his permission:

“Manufactured by the American Miniature Gun Mfg. Co. of Hollywood, […]


By |November 14th, 2018|

This is a 47% scale miniature Colt 1861 Navy percussion revolver with detachable shoulder stock originally issued and sold by the United States Historical Society, and authorized by Colt, in the 1980’s. These were made by Uberti in Italy for the U.S. Historical Society, under license from Colt.  This is the  “Classic Edition” which is […]

!!!!!SOLD!!!!! Issac Blissett Antique Cased Pair Of Engraved Flintlock Pocket Or Muff Pistols With Safeties !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

By |November 11th, 2018|

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is an antique cased pair of early full size, but very small, engraved box lock flintlock pocket pistols with screw off barrels, drop triggers, safeties, and checkered bag style grips, made by renown London gunmaker Issac Blissett, circa 1770.  Although not really miniatures, they are small enough, and of such high quality, that […]